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Europe in trouble: There is no one to monitor Religion

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Europe is in real trouble

There is no one to monitor Religion

It is evident the Politic today is the child of Religion. Politics Origin is in Religion. The importance of knowing Religion means therefore your survival. Ignorance of Religion can lead to death.

Take this as an example. Supposed you joined a Sect that believes taking Mark 16:17-18 serious. This is how it reads:

”They will pick up Serpents (with their hands), and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not harm them”.

Suppose the Church or Synagogue leader now tells you to grab hold of a poisonous snake. Suppose he will demand from you to drink poisonous drink. Will you do it? Such cases are not unreal for they have happened time over again. Frequently they are covered-up.

If you nothing of Religion you become easy target of rouges. If you are a writer and know nothing about religion you will write nonsense. Useless material for the aware and awake man.

For your survival in today’s society you have to know Religion. Yet, the State hinders you from getting to know it with their weird schools making you into a robot and ignorant person.

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