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Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) totally Biblical and Kosher and fully in line with Morals and accepted Social Behavior

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Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) fully in line with Morals and accepted Social Behavior

I was put to criticism recently by a Rabbi whose claim is that Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) are totally Kosher and in full line with Old Testament and New Testament Biblical writing and Morals, also called Ethics.

To me it sounds a mixture of Bernard de Mandeville and his The Fable of the Bees which claimed private vices such as stealing, prostitution, etc., are beneficial to the Society. That means drug use, pension and other frauds, such as Fire Insurance Frauds, Crash for Cash car frauds, even murder is legitimate as long as it is done with the right ‘Motives’, with love, and if they benefit Society. The same thinking is found in George Orwell’s Animal Farm and his l984. Similar ideas come out of Herman Melville and his The Confidence Man of 1857 of which Americans seem to be totally ignorant of.

That would mean that when organized Jewry set out to do these Pension Fraud Crimes it was beneficial to all of us as crimes are necessary for our Society to survive. If we don’t have crime, our Society ends, and so does our lives.

The Biblical argument they use to justify stealing my pension is the following:
All things belong to God. Our whole person, including all we have. Private Property does not exist. We are God’s property and so are our things. Therefore God owns us in Totality. He can murder when he will, striking us dead on the spot. He can take our goods away and give to whoever he wants, just as he did to the Jews when they were given for free everything the Canaanites owned, including accepting being Gang Raped if you was a Virgin, while baby girls had to accept it in any way, as Free Choice wasn’t there. After raping, the babies were in a happy manner and with laughter smashed against the stones, if available (Psalms 137:9). The choice text for this is found at Deuteronomy 6:10, 11.

The Conquest of Canaan is given as proof of the righteousness of Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)
In line with the commands of such Scriptures as Deuteronomy 6:10, and 11, to steal everything in sight, the Tribal God of the Jews, Jehovah, demanded that cities of the Seven Nations of Canaan were to be Devoted To Destruction in a certain way without losing the material benefits as described in Deuteronomy 6:10, 11.

All the inhabitants must be killed; only cattle and other items could be taken. Virgins from babies and up should be saved for a short while to be Gang Raped, then to be killed (Psalms 137:9). Apparently Jewish young soldiers were first on line for such pleasures, and of course the leading Jewish clergy and the elite of the Tribal elites. Deuteronomy 20:10-15; 20:16-18; 7:1, 2; Joshua 11:14.

Jericho, as the First-fruits (observe the sexual meaning here) of the conquest of Canaan, was an exception. Only the metals were kept and Devoted to the Sanctuary (Joshua 6:21, 24). Rahab’s household was spared because of her Faith (Joshua 6:25).

All spoil, theft, in the form of goods or other items had to be cleansed: If of fabric, skin, or wood, it was to be washed; if metal, it was to be processed with fire. Numbers 31:20-23.

Jesus Christ is to have not only approved of this, but to have preached in favor of it. There is not one word in the Scriptures where he denied such actions, the Rabbis inform me. Thus, Pension Fraud Crimes are not ‘crimes’, but the ordinary way in which Jehovah God moves to manifest his greatness and love toward mankind.

It is further carried on by the early Christians. Stealing and Pension Fraud Crimes in their very early Christian stage were duly sanctioned as being Kosher. Acts 7:5, 45, Compare Hebrews 11:30-1 here; Acts 13:16-20, especially verse 19. Apostle Paul himself was a master in robbing from Synagogues, the Congregations of early Christians, the Holy Bible tells, (2 Corinthians 11:8).

All Jewish sects of which Christianity was but one of the many at the early Christian times were constantly stealing from each other, which each one claiming by the use of Biblical examples, thy were justified to do so. Jesus Christ belonging to his own sect accused the Scribes and Pharisees to be, like robbers ‘full of plunder’, evidently acquired by EXTORTION from widows and other defenseless persons. The religious leaders of other sects in opposition to the Christians, were likewise prominent in causing the plundering, the stealing of the possessions from Christians (Hebrews 10:34). For after all, ‘Jehovah God gave it to whoever he wants’. And just as we shall joyfully give the other chin to be slapped by predatory elements, so Christians ‘joyfully took the plundering of their belongings’ for the sake of the Faith (Hebrews 10:34). Stealing has never been so much fun.

This goes to show something Mandeville forgot. Predacious behavior can be fun and very lucrative for the one carrying it out. Dancing around the Golden Calf need not be boring when you humbly take it for the sake of Kingdom and Christ.

From the above it is evident the whole Christian Synagogue Church could not survive unless robbing and theft was the basis for daily action and behavior. Just as the hard-core early Jews with the Synagogues.

And evidently the proof was in the pudding, and so you stood there, totally bake naked without a stitch on your body as Jehovah gave your clothes to others, just as he gave all the Egyptians clothes to the Jews as they departed from Egypt (Exodus 3:22) which they had stolen from the Egyptians. Thus Egypt became the first Nudist Camp, although not voluntarily so.

From this we can see, Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), are not only justifiable just, but a must, if you are going to please Jehovah God well. In any case, either you want it or not, not only your pensions will be stolen, but also your clothes, so you better join a Nudist Camp now so that you get used to it!

NOTA BENE: The above gives food for thoughts. What then of Private Property which the French Revolution declared to be ‘sacred and inviolable right’? Evidently, in the most important cases you have no such rights as everything belongs to Jehovah God, Article 17.

That brings SOCIALISM in. For all people, except for the Chosen God’s People, Socialism was in. So what does it do to those Christian Churches, in fact Synagogues, who claim Socialism is evil? It is evident, if they want to live and survive they have to accept it, and declare it to be of God (Romans 13:1-7). For after all, Jehovah God is above all, even of Satan the Devil.
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