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It all depends who you are. When spying and betrying is OK. The Dick Cheney Auschwitz Vomitorium case

Language: English, MP3, Time: 7:15 Minutes

When spying and betraying is OK

The Dick Cheney Auschwitz Vomitorum visit case

On January 27, 2005, Dick Cheney was at Auschwitz Vomitorium. There he went through the Stalin religious Waltz circumambulating at the Stalin Holy Shrine and Temple 1 where he and his friends performed the Stalin Rituals, giving worship to Stalin’s Four Million Martyrs Doctrine with it slaughter by Capitalists inside this Most Holy Place.

Stalin set up his Auschwitz Vomitorium in order to cover-up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes and to claim that Capitalism leads direct into a ‘gas chamber’. So, he set up his Holy Shrine ‘gas chamber’ at Auschwitz in Poland.

Now, one would think that War Criminal Dick Cheney was making his hard core Stalinist Ritual with its Liturgy so obvious that every American media would notice it. But no.

Of a sudden, the worship of Stalinism is OK. Can anyone understand this?

Or, was this all done for the Auschwitz For War Doctrine and Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC)?

The dates given below seem to be wrong. Dick Cheney visited Auschwitz likely on January 27, and Bush on June 1, 2003.
Preview of “R”_43

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