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Wikipedia and its war against Free Speech for Censorship: The art of Thought Terrorism (TT)

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Wikipedia and its war against Free Speech for Censorship for Thought Terrorism (TT)

The Jewish Olah religious Cult and how it is used to rake in the money

The art of Thought Terrorism (TT) as promulgated by Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is an interesting source for information. Not often for what it writes, but for what it doesn’t write. What is seeks to deflect, to cover-up.

For biased and cover-up writing by the authors of Wikipedia, nothing is more interesting than studying its treatment of World War 2. Especially concerning the Newspeak ‘Holocaust’, not those of the Hiroshima type, but of the Shoah-Olah type in relation to organized Jewry.

We pick here two examples of this. One dealing on the Auschwitz Camp in Poland, the other on on so called, Holocaust Denial (HD), which was a term introduced by Ditlieb Felderer, but which Wikipedia Zionist Jewish writers have hijacked.

Now, take a look at all the names they use in defense of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult.

It does not take long to find out all these names are Exterminationists. As such they are all for Censorship, Thought Terrorism (TT), and jailing of people of a different opinion. This has gone so far now that in Germany you get 5 years jail for DOUBTING! And this can include Torturing people to obtain false Confession which Sweden is involved with.

There does not exist ONE person of all these names who is not a Censorship, Thought Terrorist (TT) actor. Let alone personal acting for Free Speech against Censorship, Thought Terrorism (TT), these people are never known to have giving out one scrap of paper or message openly declaring Censorship, Thought Terrorism (TT) is wrong. In fact, Censorship, Thought Terrorism (TT) is the very ingredients and essence of their Cult for without it they can’t operate. That prevents them from selling their books and give their talks.

Only this fact alone, telling the public that here is a group of Wikipedia writers in favor of Censorship, Thought Terrorism (TT) and against Free Speech, should, warn the public that we hear have a group of Big Brother propagandists who seek to brainwash the public by giving bias, and often direct false information. Of this fact you can go into ‘ditlieb’ on the Internet and this fact will soon become apparent to you.

How far these Thought Terrorists (TT) will go can be illustrated by just one personal case. Simon Wiesenthal’s Mafia gang got it reported in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that Ditlieb Felderer sold material in killing people, especially Islam. When the paper was asked to give proof of this seeing Ditlieb Felderer has asked for that all sides should be heard, the German paper refused. And so Ditlieb Felderer is still in there and in other papers to be selling material in how to kill people! This may seem absurd, but that is how far these Thought Terrorists will go. They can dish out anything without you being allowed to ask them even for information of proof! All they needed to do was to show it but because the knew it was an invention they refused to do so.

Below you see a part of which investigated the claims of Eterminationism peddled out by Emory University and which Google, to help the Pension Fraud Crime fraudsters out, set out to Censor at their and There seems to be no end to as far one is willing to go to suppress and defend the HEC Cult and their Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).
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