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My mother taught me how to reject such poison food as Monansanto and GMO, Genetically Modified Food, and she learned that all in America USA

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My mother taught me to reject all poison food such as those today produced by Death Factory Monsanto and all GMO food, those Genetically Modified Food
Giving me a book on Yoga, I probably became the first person in Sweden, and possible Europe, actually doing Yoga. Beside this, she taught me to reject all poison food.

In those days there did not exist one health store in whole of Europe. So my mother sent me to the Pharmacy to buy food as this was the only place to buy it. It was dry yeast, wheat germs, molasses, and other food sold by the Pharmacy for diet patients.

And where did my mother learn this? Do say NO to all poison food? Right there in USA America! As a young woman she had been sent by her Norwegian parents to America to learn the language and the habits of America. The plan was to learn to become a translator and work for the Hotel business which was then blooming. She ended up in working for a bank family at Baltimore taking care of two boys in the family.

While there she got new friends. Learned the language. Learned new habits. She was introduced the what could be said the AMERICAN PROGRESSIVE LIFE which still was not infected by the total Judeo-Christian predatory behavior.

All went well, until one day all Hell broke lose. There she was, as a Pin Up girl on the cover page of Look magazine. A photographer had caught her on the street of Baltimore walking. He asked her if he be allowed to photograph her. Her boss, the bank man, felt it was OK if my mother agreed. And so, there she was, in full view as a Pin Up girl.

When my grandfather got hold of the news my mother was right smack in there inside the covers of American magazines, he got so fearful and commanded her to come back to Norway. ‘You will become a prostitute’, he wrote her. Mail those days took time to arrive. ‘Al Capone will grab you as his victim’, he warned her.

And so it went. She took the boat back to Norway. Having learned a new life. I then in turn became part of that new life. All being taught by American experience my mother had learned while living in USA.

And one important thing was: Don’t partake of poison food. That in turn taught me to reject all drugs and stopped me from smoking and getting drunk for drinking sake.

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2 thoughts on “My mother taught me how to reject such poison food as Monansanto and GMO, Genetically Modified Food, and she learned that all in America USA Leave a comment

  1. I also had a nice mother who gave me the book “Protokolls of the learner elders of Zion.
    That book gave me an insite how the world is functioning.

    • I wish my mother had given that to me. Then my journey to go through life in order to understand it would have gone much quicker. So much waste was there before reaching understanding. We need a child edition of that book. Make it so that a child can grasp the points.

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