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Most Europeans want Obama to hand over his ill-begotten Nobel Peace Prize to Edward Snowden

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Edward Snowden reveals of America’s massive spy grid


In spite of Obama and his DHS, Department of Homeland Security and NSA, National Security Agency people feel more insecure than ever. According to Obama evil lurks at every corner, under every chair, and now he even gets into our beds while we have Sex to find out if it is done in Kosher manner.

Obama’s spy grid is forcing itself into every bedroom where Obama has to please himself that we do not make one move that does not fit into his Totalitarian spy grid.

And what is the final reason for this? To stop Free Speech! USA has already forced European countries to adopt laws contrary to American Constitution. So while at home one feigns of venerating the First Amendments, Article 1, USA emissaries have busily introduced in secret Censorship laws with the help of Pension Fraud Crimes hungry Jews. Thus, Sweden became one of the first American experimental places where people were thrown into mental institutions because Israel defenders felt that Israel Genocide is OK because their God Jehovah said so. And so Herman Zetterberg, Sweden’s Justice Minister for over 10 years, brought in Censorship laws via American Constitution oath breaking Jews who thus made themselves into Seditionists.

Germany soon accepted an American brought in Censorship law, imprisoning people for the mere sake of ‘doubting’. Doubting now brings 5 years in prison.

It is now high time for Obama to hand over his Nobel Peace Prize to Edward Snowden and thus we may slow down Obama’s hurling of Drones against civilians, men, women, and children, all for the sake of DHS, NSA, and Israel. Leave us in peace, that’s all we ask.
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