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Ditlieb Felderer accuses Wikipedia of having a mob of Thought Terrorists (TT) standing behind its writing of History

Language: English, MP3, Time: 8 Minutes

Ditlieb Felderer accuses Wikipedia to have a mob of Thought Terrorists (TT) standing behind its writing of History

Having been alerted by people about Wikipedia and its handling of World War 2 and ‘history’, I decided to spend some time investigating it. And vow! What did I find?

Just as expected I discovered that behind these articles stand an organized clique of hard core Genocide Zionists, who seek to deflect its operations of Racial Hate and mistreatment of Palestinians, using Stalin’s tools to fight Capitalism via his Auschwitz and his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine.

All articles include in support of their gag ideals people who have either been actively engaged with Thought Terrorism (TT), or stood behind the wall in hiding applauding it.

There does not exist amongst all their ‘experts!’ one person ever standing up for Free Speech. Each and everyone used the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult as a vehicle to implement Censorship laws in country, and then to use them to incarcerate, terrorize, cause violence, and torture those victims whom they feel are of dissenting opinion.

All this in clear violation of UN Article 19 and First Amendments of the American Constitution. In fact, American citizens of this little fanatical Thought Terrorist groups, after taking the Oath on the American Constitution came to Europe making Europe impose Censorship laws all in order to cover-up their Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) which they were beginning to enforce via Reparation and other schemes. And in Sweden, in fact, the most active agitator for Thought Terrorism has been a Rabbi by the name of Morton Narrowe who came there as an American citizen and thus bound under the First Amendments, Article 1, of the American Constitution.

As violence, torture, and terrorist acts have been implemented by this small clique of fanatic Thought Terrorists (TT) it becomes essential that we find out the names of those people in Wikipedia who edit articles on Auschwitz, Holocaust Denial (HD), and related matters to World War 2. Anonymity is long since obsolete by people who decide to use violence, using a variety of Fronts to hide their leading operations at the back.

These little clique should now on their own volition come out of their secrecy and no longer work in a Conspiratorial manner under the protection of anonymity. It’s about time that articles of this nature be signed, so that we know who is attacking us, and that often by using violence, and thereby let speech be free, as it should.

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