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Wikipedia Zionist Jews continue manipulating and keeping Jehovah’s Witnesses out of its articles on World War 2

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Wikipedia continue manipulating Jehovah’s Witnesses out of its articles about World War 2

Wikipedia and their deliberate bias and manipulation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in their articles on World War 2

Already from start the Jewish Zionists who are writing the Wikipedia articles on World War 2, have been manipulating and keeping information out from material that may lead people to suspect that there is a major Pension Fraud Crime going on (PFC). That would make people suspect that these Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) are really behind the Censorship of the Zionist Jews to keep information away from the public.

And why would the Wikipedia Zionist Jews writers want to keep Jehovah’s Witnesses out of the mega lucrative Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), which the public in this way do not detect?

For the simple reason Stalin could not use Jehovah’s Witnesses for his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine which claims that over 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs died inside Crematory 1, now called, Holy Shrine, at Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp. Already from START of World War 2, the Zionists had come together to find out ways whereby they could get easy money without work. Their predatory god Jehovah had demanded this from them. They centralized on faked Pension claims.

Jehovah’s Witnesses were super dangerous for their Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC). Why? Because they were working in, and around, the alleged Holy Shrine in which Stalin claimed 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs had died in. He did so in order to cover up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes.

Stalin could not use the Jehovah’s Witnesses for his various Show Trials even though they would be the first ones to know what was going on, and not such perpetrators of the crime as the Jewish Kapo, Genocide Serial Killing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando with their Serial Killer, Filip Muller. For years the Wikipedia manipulating Zionist Jews had made self-confessed Serial Killer, Filip Muller, into a VICTIM instead of a perpetrator of the Crime. Just as head Kapos, Hermann Langbein, Smolen, Szymanski, Czech, Brandhuber, Wasowicz; all, former Nazi Collaborators, who switched political side and now became staunch Stalinists.

Stalin could not use Jehovah’s Witnesses for they said they had never seen, heard, smelt any of those Stalin claims regarding the surrounding and his ‘gas chamber’, what later came to be called Holy Shrine filled with fake Relics.

And this is why the Jewish Zionists writing the Wikipedia articles have to continue on with fabricating, manipulating, and hiding facts in their articles of World War 2. It’s all about money, to line their own pockets and feather their own nests, what this is all about.

The public should demand that Wikipedia stop with their bias, their racist manipulation of facts, and hiding of REAL HISTORY which begun for quite other reason than their fiction of Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine.

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