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Legal Experts: Even Totally Innocent People Should Avoid Talking to Law Enforcement

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Legal Expert: Even Totally Innocent People Should Avoid Talking to Law Inforcement

In Sweden the normal thing of the Law Enforcement, its corrupt Police force is to extract false Confessions. There is seen as nothing wrong in doing so.

The police will invade a cartoonist home and steal everything he got. This material will then be LEGALLY CONFISCATED by the Swedish court even though it has nothing to do with the case. Every piece of paper, every cartoon, every music composition, every writing is deemed possessed by the Devil, and thus may be burned up. Such Policemen as Lennart Selin and Svante Nordin, of the utterly corrup Taby police force, in fact, a paramilitary group of hooligans set in by the State to carry out its Fahrenheit 451 assaults and operations.

While accusing Afghanistan not to have Free Speech, and therefore Sweden needs to be at war against the Afghan people, while at home, its paramilitary police invade homes, accusing the cartoonist not to obey its stringent Censorship laws.

The Prosecutor carrying out such criminal acts will then be promoted to a high post such as happened to Torsten Jonson and Agneta Isborn Lind.

Anyone speaking to such Thugs will end up with surprises. It should be pointed out here that Sweden refuses up to this date to investigate the Terrorist acts conducted by its politicians, police, and Synagogue friends, against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife. Here is Totalitarianism at its best!

NB It is interesting to note, that no one less than Robert H. Jackson, the Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials warned against speaking to law enforcements.

The insert below shows a typical case in Sweden of what happens if you talk to the Sweden paramilitary police. It is written in Swedish.

Preview of “Nationalmordet”

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