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Riding the Wild Beast of the Apocalypse, Revelation, and will we get a smooth ride? Obamacare and the Six Million

Language: English, MP3, Time: 9:33 Minutes

Saint Stalin like Saint Michael battles with Dragons, each one ending up victoriously.

Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky and source of all energy, the Holocaust heat is on its way
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Saint Michael battles with the Dragon, like Saint Stalin battled with the Dragon of Capitalism and thereby becoming the Saint of all workers to the slogan of all Workers Union Unite. Stalin Four Million Martyrs Doctrine became the Doctrine of all Capitalism and thus Saint Stalin conquered the Capitalist Dragon and rescued Workers from eternal damnation. Out of Stalin’s sword developed a new Head, the Head of Six Million, which soon enveloped the world, forcing man to worship the Wild Beast of the Six Million. Coming out of Stalin’s sword, the new dragon coming forth, eats up the other dragon, piece by piece. Revelations 13.

Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, battles with his usurper, Stalin, declaring himself to be Almighty and the ever watching ‘eye’ for the deliverance of mankind (Zechariah 2:8). Obama comes into the fight, usurping both Jehovah and Stalin, declaring himself to be the master of the Universe. The heat is on.
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Holy Saint Obama, dressed as a whore, rides in on his 7-headed Wild Beast, enticing the world’s leaders with a bouquet of Obamacare and sharp Drones, to join in with Globalism and the New World Order or face oblivion. The Dragon Drone War begins. Revelations 13.

Alex Jones rides in with his sharp sword, pointing it to the usurpers, bringing fear and trembling to them all. The Battle Of The Sharp Sword has begun.
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Alex Jones gets help from the Holy Virgin Mary who now stomps on the Stalin Dragon’s Head. A help for call in the last moment of despair.

Alex Jones is asked for tool size. Jehovah the Almighty God in Heaven, requests Alex Jones to stand by the civilized rules and requires TSA check up of Tool size. TSA is ready to fight to the end for their rights to control what’s below the belt. The whole world shakes and wait for the outcome of the Dragons’ battles.
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The new Stalin head coming out of Stalin’s Sword, the Six Million Head, who now has become the Head of TSA ask Alex Jones if they can grope him, with the Devil ready to enter into his pants for size control and Kosher substance.

NONE DARE CALL THIS GAY FORCE AND GAY CONTROL. Monsanto and GMO, Genetically Modified Food now finds out thanks to Edward Snowden that Alex Jones is refusing their rejuvenation programs. Their Human Savior agent now grabs hold in close contact, Alex Jones, after having showed into his throat poisonous Monsanto and GMO food. By close bodily contact, in Gay Fashion, Monsanto and GMO now get the morsels down into the Stomach of Alex Jones, shaking him as each time as it gets closer and closer to his guts.

LOOKING FOR SHADOWY SUBCULTURE. Out at a distance, NSA, the Forever talented spy network of National Security Agency keeps watching the Dragons’ Battles, well aware they be out of a job if the right party does not win. The Dragons’ sparks fly, some hitting NSA, causing burning wounds to their aged bodies

Hitler gets angry, reminding the battling fighters not to forget his pension which all those Six Million got for nothing. He lets them know Christmas is up, and now it is Now Or Never, shouting: ‘You know the Holocaust is a Sex Cult and a great Hoax, Give Me a Break. I want some of that Hot Soup they gave at Auschwitz!’

In the heat of the battle of man and mice, Constitutionalists don’t notice TSA has taken hold of Alex Jones, stripping him bare, just as the Jews did to the Egyptians (Exodus 3:22), and now want to grope him for complete Synagogue Kosher control. Alex Jones resist, but without his clothes which hold his gun, he is at the TSA mercy. They now give him the full Kosher Monty Python grope down hoping the world will thereby delivered from the Plague brought upon hem by the Tea Party and other loused down elements where Zyklon B was useless due to resistance.

PUT UP A HARD FIGHT FOR THE FAITH THAT WAS ONCE FOR ALL TIME DELIVERED TO THE HOLY ONES—Jude 3. In now storms Don Oliver Stone with his sword aided by sword sharpener Peter Kuznick and horse excrement cleaners: Richard the Knighted Evans, Peter Longerich they spy man, Kurt Schrimm the Kitchen Soup Crime Investigator, Robert Jan Van Pelt the Hydrant, Piotr Cywinski the UNESCO rider, Deborah Lipstadt the Stripper, Christopher Browning the High Jumper, Laurence Rees the expert Fish Tank swimmer, Szejnmann the new brooms sweep best, Olaf Jensen the no Holocaust Denier, and other noxious carriers of Doctrinal Auschwitz Vomitorium junk.

A HEC SELECTION AND AN ATTEMPT TO A FINAL SOLUTION TO THE BATTLE OF THE SHARP SWORD. Before he can count to the holy number of SIX, Alex Jones, now finds he is fighting his battle against the Global misfits and New World Order multi-headed Corporate snakes, totally bare without a stitch clamoring to his body. But he is more fortunate than the Egyptians who lost everything as God’s Chosen Race, his Chosen People, had taken all away from them (Exodus 3:22). Alex Jones having lost his pistol as the TSA stole the holy garments from him; he still got his club which he now swings, totally stripped down, against his adversaries, the Corporate Global Dragon.

While the Battle of the Sharp Sword goes one the fighters are reminded not to lose sight of the meaning of HOLOCAUST, that Greek Cult, praising the world with fertility, so that many more billions of humans are produced to partake of the crumbs and bones left over. Eugenics is out, Fertility is in once more!
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The battle for Global Control is hard and long. Totally exhausted and now with a sore throat and urinal problems due to Jehovah God refusing Alex Jones to piss against the wall (1 Samuel 25:22; 1 Kings 14:10; 16:11; 21:21), Alex Jones now finds comfort in nurse and Holocaust Denier (HD) Deborah Lipstadt who now soothes his ailing body and makes the area of birth her main Selection, giving it the needed manipulation with the final help of solution, the Final Solution. The soothing substance solution greatly invigorates his body, as he gains new strength to battle the Global Dragons. Behind Holocaust Denier (HD) Deborah Lipstadt stands the ever so ready Virgin Mary, whispering in the back: ‘Fear Not’, stand fast in the Faith once and for all time delivered to the Holy Ones!’.

Meanwhile Obama the Obamacare man has become furious at Apostate Edward Snowden and Obama decides to give the case his Special Selection Treatment. With NSA having become totally impotent and with foul smelling diapers, Obama decides to do the things HIS WAY for a change. Obama decides on a snooping assault, his total war against those wanting to be alone. In a bold move he now decides that the NSA approach is ineffective and the submissive State slaves becoming impossible to manipulate due to Senility. He now invents the Deep Throat Camera. No longer will the Data and street cameras be the choice so much favored by the NSA; no, he now invents a Drone with a camera at the front. With this sophisticated tool he goes at the throat of people, by going directly into their guts, trying it out with his first target being Edward Snowden himself, thus skipping over in an Executive Order manner all former obstacles. With the Code word, The Deep Throat Vaccine, he enables to get into the guts of every American citizen being the first political person in the world making guts their prime and first target. The Edward Snowden dragon feels the heat and precision work of Obama the Healer, healing mankind from having to bother to think or sleep. All now become human sleepwalkers with the Obama camera showed into their throats deep into their guts. Never have mankind been more happier and fortunate. Everyone now stands in line to get their special camera showed down their throats while Obama no longer has to worry about Obamacare. Two shots with one were by this simple positive approach, giving the problem its Final Solution.

GLOBALISTS, THE NEW WORLD ORDER HAVE FOUND THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE ALEX JONES QUESTION BY GETTING HIM PREGNANT WITH THE HELP OF DOCTOR JOSEF MENGELE AND DEBORAH LIPSTADT: In the midst of all the Holocaust heat, a major Conspiracy begins. Holocaust Deniers ADL and Deborah Lipstadt (HD), along with Obama and his care decode to decide a plot together and get in contact with Eugenic Doctor Josef Mengele. Mengele manages to lure Alex Jones to his clinic in Peru and with Holocaust Denier (HD) Deborah Lipstadt well prepared make Alex Jones pregnant, making him thus forget all about his fight against Obamacare and the Global Corporate Dragons as Alex Jones now has to worry about the diapers and all the muck in the barn coming from cows, pigs, horses, and other critters. Doctor Josef Mengele now gets the Nobel Peace Prize for his outstanding medical experiment of getting a man pregnant, and that by a Holocaust Denier. The whole Global World celebrate in yet another Orgy, while throwing honors at Doctor Josef Mengele at all world’s universities, praising Mengele for thus making women obsolete in yet another former woman hardship task. All thanks go to Holocaust Survivor Stefan Szende, who thus made possible for women to don a man’s penis in order to escape Antisemitism.

Alex Jones now pregnant by Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, is now tempted by Obma, the Great Temptation and Temptator. In order to hide his pregnancy, Alex Jones, has donned onto his body a cloak. He is now in his Sixth month. Remember Everything goes in Six here.
Up comes Obama with morsels of poisonous Monsanto and GMO, Genetically Modified Food. Alex Jones realizes Obama is set out to kill him the Kosher way, being ordered so by the Globalists, and kindly refuses the invitation, telling Obama he’s got a bad stomach. But Obama never gives up making Alex Jones putting in his Never Again which he Never Forgot. In a Rabbi Josef way he now expels his gasses, making Obama flee head long into the premises of Federal Reserve Bank, which now also gets infested by the stinking stench.

The whole world is now waiting for Obama to get out of his stinking place, the Federal Reserve Bank. Rabbi Josef’s potent gas bomb has brought Globalism back Six steps. Lucifer now sees his chance and so Satan the Devil gets in contact with Doctor Josef Mengele in Peru, asking Mengele to cause Alex Jones to look like an old woman in order not to divulge him. For Lucifer, Satan the Devil wants to use Alex Jones for his cause and therefore is keen of to see him fit and ready for the great tasks ahead. Lucifer’s order is followed through on, and via coded DNA, Josef Mengele changes the facial features of Alex Jones making him look like an old rag woman.

The ever so ready and beloved, Doctor Josef Mengele has in a most valiant way rescued Alex Jones from his Sins and perdition. But Josef Mengele forgot one thing, the TSA, as he lives in Peru. TSA is ever so ready to get into the diapers of Alex Jones’ sweet baby, now happily born and singing the song that babies make, both from mouth and rear end. In a bold move, Alex Jones now swaddles his baby up, making it difficult for TSA to grab into it. If they do, Alex Jones masterful move will force TSA to get baby boo all up their sleeves. ‘That deserves them well’, Alex Jones whispers, hoping thereby TSA, DHS, NSA, won’t hear him.

The stylish and modest, Doctor Josef Mengele is now saddened down with the ‘Yes I Can!’ Obama burden, for his responsibility always to same mankind in order to bring them to happiness and joy. He now, via his Parrot, Holoiocaust, pronounced birdly as: Hooloiiii-cauuust, with tongue rolled up and a closed nose and face turned to the HOLY LAND; requests Holocaust Denier (HD), Deborah Lipstadt, to alleviate his deep Olah sadness. Alex Jones informs that he is to busy with changing diapers and cleaning up the muck from his baby successfully brought to the world in wait of billions more population. Alex Jones gladly informs that two of his female workers from in Texas, known for their many good smelling skunks, will; help to soothe Doctor Josef Mengele, sending the two female staffers to Auschwitz Vomitorium, requesting them to perform anti-eugenics fertility, ritual services, doing the rites Six times a day, singing ‘YES WE CAN!’, below the sign ARBEIT MACH FREI at the Main Gate. Voluntarily they agree, happy to now for the first time in life, females can act as liberated women for Zion and Yad Vashem. The Heat is On and even the stars above ARBEIT MACHT FREI begin to dance, showing that even they can say: ‘YES WE CAN!’. Globalism has turned Starism. No longer a puny world is the desire for the World Masters. The whole universe has become their play thing, with the whole composite mass dancing to the Auschwitz Waltz.
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