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A picture presentation of the HEC Cult and her Riding of the Wild Beast from Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky and Obama as candidate in Prophecy

Language: English, MP3, Time: 3:05 Minutes

A picture presentation of the HEC Cult and her Riding of the Wild Beast from Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the sky and Obama as candidate in Prophecy

The Riding of the Wild Beast, NSA, TSA, and Obama as a war machine hurling his deadly Drones against his foes with Obama as the earthly executor of Jehovah’s will

Obama as the Righteous and Truthful executor of Jehovah

Obama and his seeing NSA and TSA eyes and his peaceful use of killer Drones for mass murder by using Peace

The prophetic fulfillment of Obama as God’s willing slave and agent to do his will for the good of mankind

The Riding on Jehovah Beast of Righteousness to bring peace and unity to a wicked and sinful world. The Holocaust beast spreading its power into a global world and the Septuagint revealing the identity of Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis in the Sky, and Obama as faithful peace messenger to a world in turmoil
Preview of “d”

The Riding on the Jehovah Beast begins. The ride is smooth and gentle and Obama the Prophet of Righteousness leads the way
Preview of “Welcome 12”_6

Jehovah using his Prophet Obama by Obama sending out his ALL SEEING EYE for the ‘eyes of Jehovah are upon the righteous ones’ (1 Peter 3:12). The Jehovah ALL EYE seen glaring at lower left of picture.

God through his faithful Prophet Obama, emphasizes the care and sensitiveness for man’s welfare through Obamacare, when Jehovah speaks of his servants as ‘the pupil’ of his eye, metaphorically representing their preciousness in his sight and his quickness to act in their behalf when touched by the enemy Terrorists (Deuteronomy 32:1; Psalms 17:8). Jehovah is seen standing firmly, taking on any challenge from the Terrorists.
Preview of “~”_6

The unveiling of Jehovah in the Jerusalem Temple opens the road to the bliss of Obamacare. Describing God’s observation of the actions of all men, Jeremiah wrote that His ‘eyes are opened upon all the ways of the sons of men, in order to give to each one according to his ways” (Jeremiah 32:19); thereby allowing Obama to successfully use his precious NSA and TSA to aid Jehovah in executing his heavenly will. The Holy Temple has gone red hot by knowing the potency of his eternal Power.
Preview of “l”_55

THE DRONES ARE COMING IN. Obama, the Faithful and True Prophet, hurls his Drones into every American home, snooping out the secrets and defend his people against all blind spots of evil and hidden Terrorists. Observe the ever seeing eye on left. While the nipples in fact are super secret cameras observing every movement of the American people.

OBAMA FULFILLS BIBLE PROPHECIES OF THE KIND AND EVER SEEING JEHOVAH SECURITY EYES. Of Jehovah’s omniscience and his purpose to exercise justice toward all, the Apostle Paul wrote: ‘There is not a creation that is not MANIFEST TO HIS SIGHT, but ALL THINGS ARE NAKED AND OPENLY EXPOSED TO THE EYES of him with whom we have an accounting’ (Hebrew 4:13; 2 Chronicles 16:9; Psalms 66:7; Proverbs 15:3). The NSA and the TSA have come to their full judicial and protective rights
Preview of “f”

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