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Six Million and the wonders of a history honor student Ninoschka

Language: English, MP3, Time: 12:01 Minutes



A modest request from a history honor student, modest Ninoschka: What is the figure 4 when you take away 3? Still four?

The Mystery of the vanishing Millions

How did the Jewish Sonderkommando, clad in women’s underwear, manage to do all these killings?

Six Million Jews and the Wild Beast of the Revelation, the Apocalypse

Six Million dead Jews and the wonders about it by a history honor student Ninoschka

The riddle, the conundrum of the Bible number Six Hundred Sixty-six, a symbolic number as is the Six Million Dead Jews

Why do students fall for the Newspeak Six Million dead Jews Doctrine?

Auschwitz Vomitorium is a fundamental corner stone for that belief. If you don’t have Stalin’s Four Million Martyrs Doctrine you have no Six Million Dead Jews Doctrine. The two hinge together. One falls, so does the other

The Stalin four million figure stone slabs put up in support of Stalin’s Four Million Martyrs Doctrine. These stone slabs, mass memorial tombs, were secretly taken away at Birkenau in Poland, and a set of new stones put up in their place

Next time we ask our students we should ask: Where did you get the Six Million figure from? A continuation of the puzzle initiated by Peter Kusnick and now cleared up for the first time in a modest fashion to awaken the American public in a modest way
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