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Ditlieb talks on the history of the Six Million Jews

Language: English, MP3, Time: 34:41 Minutes


CONSIDER THE FIVE MILLION STEFAN SZENDE FIGURE: In 1931 some five million American workers were jobless and the industrializing world seemed about to collapse. Germany was even worse off with a super inflation.

CONSIDER YEAR 1919 WHEN MARTIN HENRY GLYNN’S ARTICLE GOT PUBLISHED: That was the year when Zyklon B begun to be sold by Germany to Sweden. There was nothing secret about the product and used all over Sweden and rest of Europe. One of Sweden’s great poet, Dan Andersson, died from Zyklon B when the hotel room he had booked in Stockholm was not sufficiently aired. The year was 16 September 1920, at Hotel Hellman, room 11, situated in Stockholm at Bryggaregatan 5.

CONSIDER THE REAL QUESTION THAT MUST BE ASKED REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY DIED: WHO DID THE KILLING? The alleged killers were the Jewish Sonderkommando, and they did so, clad in women’s underwear! Does it seem Monty Python here?

CONSIDER THE FACT: That all those Holocaust Deniers (HD) defending the Six Million Doctrine Cult don’t have one person on record defending Unlimited Censorship and do something about it. They are all for Limited Censorship which goes against the American Constitution, First Amendments, Article 1.

CONSIDER THE FACT OF BIBLICAL SYMBOLISM: Revelatio 13:8 speaks of ‘All those who dwell on the earth will worship’ the Beast. Its number is 666 (Revelation 13:18). Is it not peculiar that few things fit better in than the worship of the 6 Million Cult? ‘Everyone believes it’, we are constantly told as it came out of Geroge Orwell’s 1984 and his Animal Farm with Napoleon doing his paint job of slogans.

SOURCE: Stefan Szende, Den Siste Juden Fran Polen, Bonnier, Stockholm, Sweden, l944. Realizing a goof, the Swedish title was altered into a new title in the English edition: The Promise Hitler Kept. The alleged dead Jews in Poland turned into a massive congregation of survivors. And in a short while they all demanded pensions and so started the Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC).

Ditlieb Felderer, Anne Frank Diary A Hoax, ISBN 91 85560 02 2. This was the edition Sweden’s Chancellor of Justice, Ingvar Gullnas, refused to prosecute, and thus made the Stockohlm Jewish Synagogue not only angry at Ditlieb Felderer, but now Ingvar Gullnas became their target of hate. It has come out in various editions. See:

Dog Verkligen Sex Miljoner, Swedish, ISBN 91 85560 50 2 was one of the first publication in Europe analyzing and questioning where this number originated from. One of the first person questioning the Six Million was Paul Rassinier in France and Einar Aberg in Sweden.

Martin Broszat, Director of Institut fur Zeitgeschichte (IFZ), testified under oath in West Germany that the Six Million Jews is symbolic number. It is nothing but an Emperor’s New Clothes affair. Ditlieb Felderer had admonished investigators that Martin Boszat be asked this and related questions, such as the Four Million Martyrs Doctrine built on the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz.

Especially after the Ernst Zundel, Canada State sponsored Witch Trial, Raul Hilberg, once the top Guru of Exterminationism, and who participated as an accuser against Zundel, got suspicious of the Six Million.

Read about the mysterious things happening around the 6th hour of Jesus Christ’s death, at Mattheus 27:45; Mark 15:33, and Luke 23:44foll.

STARVE DOCTRINE: One of the first to originate the Starve Doctrine was Charles Taze Russell, an early Christian Zionist preaching the Doom and Gloom starvation doctrine. Another person of interest, is, the once Governor of New York, Martin Henry Glynn, who churned out Russellism Starve Doctrine in 1919. Stalin spun the Starve Doctrine further claiming that Capitalists’ aim was to enslave and starve its workers to death. The trouble with the huge Auschwitz Kitchen gave him plenty of vexation, so he painted it over in George Orwell Animal Farm fashion, by having Napoleon painting it black from its original white color. Pilgrims were told the building was of no importance, though it was the most important building inside the Camp, as everyone depended on it.
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