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On the question of Six Million Doctrine no one gets around Stefan Szende, the Father and Dean of Exterminationism

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Stefan Szende is the unquestionable Father and Dean of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, HEC Cult, Exterminationism, also called Caustology, Pisserism, Fartism, Holocaust Commercial Cult, etc.

On the question of Six Million Doctrine, the claim that six million Jews died during World War 2, the originator and perpetuating of the Myth, was Stalinist Stefan Szende.

Stefan Szende claimed that Hitler has exterminated 5 million Jews at Belzec in some form of a swimming pool, a tank of water. That was then changed from five million to six million.

Out of this mess we can notice a trace of the Restoration Doctrine. Stefan Szende and his friends ‘restored’ their Penis back by donning onto them a new Foreskin. The new yarn by HEC Cult apologets, was, not as Stalin has preached, that, Auschwitz Recreation Sport Survivor and Relief Camp, was exactly as when his troops entered the camp, but that, the most important segments of the camp had been ‘restored’ back to their former state. A true Auschwitz Vomitorium case of reeducation wherever new Doctrines are fabricated, vomited out, when old ones get exposed as hoaxes.

In the first edition of Stefan Szende’s book the title was quite different from that of the English. In the first edition, which was in Swedish, it is made out that there was only one Jew left in Poland, ‘Den Siste Juden Fran Polen‘, book 161 in our Bibliography. Translated to English it is: The Last Jew From Poland, making it out that Hitler had exterminated all the Jews in Poland, 5 million of them.

Stefan Szende and his Conspirators then discovered the figure SIX, that that was a better figure. They also realized that it was not the ‘last Jew’ from Poland, but many more lived there in spite of Hitler. The title was then changed in the English translation, to ‘The Promise Hitler Kept‘.

As Stefan Szende could not adequately explain all the ‘surviving’ Jews, he then invented the claim that Jews had new Foreskins put onto their circumcised Penises. Even woman had sex changes. This was an essential claim as people were now asking how come so many Jews ‘survived’ and no one was going to check on the anatomy sex of a Jew, and so they got away with that explanation. This was not the least important, as Stefan Szende himself had been a Nazi Collaborator. Stefan Szende gang thus hid the fact that they had been Nazi Collaborators, and therefore escaped, but that they escaped because of their Penis which now had a snug Foreskin put onto it.

Here is the reality of the Six Million Doctrine, and macabre it is. The Bible tells of David going out to take Foreskins from the Philistines. One wonders what the reason was for this. Did the Jews cut off the whole Penises of the Philistines, and then by some drying method, use them as Dildos?

NOTA BENE: Pisserism should be compared to Fartism and the Fart Doctrine, which go back to Biblical, Old Testament time. An important Doctrine involved with the Six Million Doctrine is the Starve Doctrine, which also goes way back in Biblical time, but most popularly presented by Martin Henry Glynn just around the time when Zyklon B was being sold by Germany to the rest of the world. At that time no one had come to see how Zyklon B could be useful in war propaganda, so ‘starving’ had to do. The Starve Doctrine forced Stalin to shut down the largest building inside Auschwitz camp. Stalin fixed it by painting over the whole building from white into black. Should anyone ask about it, they were told the building was of no importance and used to put garbage into, although it was the MOST IMPORTANT building of the camp. Stalin was dead bent to hide his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes and make Poles believe they came there as Saviors of the Slavs, using his Slav Doctrine as convincing vehicle.

NAUGHTY QUESTION TO EXTERMINATIONISTS: Seeing that so many Exterminationists, those of the HEC Cult, see ‘NEW LIGHT’ about Auschwitz camp, admitting there indeed is a real Swimming Pool behind Block 6, what shall they now say of their Auschwitz Worse Doctrine? That Auschwitz camp was worse of all. Nothing could compare to it. But now it has of a sudden got a real Swimming Pool! If Auschwitz camp was the worst, and it has a Swimming Pool, what other conveniences did the other sites have? They must have more luxuries than Auschwitz camp. And what are they?

CULT STUDY: Those who want to get into the problems of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, Exterminationism, turn to:


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