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What is a ‘Reliefer’?

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Auschwitz Recreation Sport Survivor and Relief Camp

A Reliefer is a former member of the Auschwitz Recreation Sport Survivor and Relief Camp community.

As such he likely volunteered to enjoy its facilities and personal care of life and learning of trade.

If you wanted to learn to become a cook, baker, fine pastry maker, butcher, dietitian, master cook, wine and alcohol specialist, Kosher Connoisseur, you could also volunteer to go there. You would then land up in the Auschwitz huge Kitchen, the largest building inside the Camp. The Kitchen was well known for its delicious smell that permeated throughout the whole area.

If your interest was in Arts and Sports such as Dancing, Ballet, Painting, Music, Jazz, you had a good chance to develop your skill further. You may then end up at dancing at the Auschwitz Theater, or the huge Sauna at Birkenau. If swimming and diving was your interest, the Auschwitz Swimming Pool would be your place. Musical experts wold land in the Jewish Orchestra playing there daily to the Auschwitz Waltz.

If Acting was your interest to become a Movie Star, the Auschwitz Cinema was your place along with the Theater.

If Dress Making was your special trade, you could become a teacher of it, working at the Work Shop just by the Stalin Holy Shrine. Inside there, Auschwitz civilians learned the trade in sewing and Dress Making.

Some landed there to cure their Obesity, Dental problems, Child Birth, Sex Problems, etc.

Auschwitz Recreation Sport Survivor and Relief Camp had a special department for those wanting to learn Photography to take Photography up as trade. This was located at Block 25.

Others, such as Abortionists, Extortionists, Rapists, Money Launderers, Killers, Child Molesters, etc., were brought there for Rehabilitation, such as Otto Wolken, Simon Wiesenthal, etc. Some may have slipped in there as Serial Killers, such as Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller. He bragged to have had participated in Stalin’s Four Million Martyrs affair.


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