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El Pais reports of a video on just diseased, Erich Priebke saying about the 335 persons shot in reprisal, that it ‘Was terrible, but it was an order from Hitler’

El Pais reports of Italy being indignant over the funeral of Nazi Erich Priebke

When memory gets blocked out

German Angela Merkel called Israel’s butchering in Gaza as only a small ‘skirmish’

American Foreign Minister, Madeleine Albright, was told of half a million Iraq children had died, that that was more than people had died in Hiroshima, and ‘is the price worth it’? Madeleine Albright, answered in classic cruel manner: ‘we think the price is worth it’.

In a recent El Pais article on Nazi Erich Priebke, and his killing of 335 persons in reprisal of 33 Nazis, Priebke is to have left a video in which he states: ‘It was terrible, put it was an order from Hitler’.

Now read the above. It was also terrible. And in this case it was voluntary for the Jewish Sonderkommando, the real killers of Stalin’s Four Million Martyrs wanted to do so as they would get women’s underwear and other goodies. None of them, not one is to have felt sorry or repented. Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, is to have killed and aided in killing 4 million Jews.

SOURCE: El Pais, 18 October 2013:6

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