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El Pais reports Italy is indignant over the funeral of Nazi Erich Priebke

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El Pais repots of Italy being indignant over the funeral of Nazi Erich Priebke

When memory gets blocked out

German Angela Merkel called Israel’s butchering in Gaza as only a small ‘skirmish’

American Foreign Minister, Madeleine Albright, was told of half a million Iraq children had died, that that was more than people had died in Hiroshima, and ‘is the price worth it’? Madeleine Albright, answered in classic cruel manner: ‘we think the price is worth it’.

Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, responsible in killing and helping to kill 4 million Auschwitz Martyrs according to Stalin

Stalin’s massacre of over 20.000 Poles at Katyn and other War Crimes conveniently forgotten

SOURCE: El Pais, 16 October 2013:8

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