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Wikipedia accused of covering-up huge Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) by bogus article on Auschwitz, hiding the ‘Smoking Gun’

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Wikipedia involved with huge Penison Fraud Crimes (PFC) by covering-up the source of why pensions were given

Stalin covers-up his War Crimes and Katyn Massacres, by setting up his Auschwitz Vomitorium filled with faked Relics to support his anti-Capitalist, Four Million Martyrs Doctrine

Wikipedia refuses to hand out the responsible names of the people involved with the racketeering in writing bogus articles on World War 2

Millions of Dollars have disappeared to nowhere in fake pensions and Reparations

Bernard Madoff could not match this

The biggest Ponzi scheme in history, ever

Below you see an illustration of the Smoking Gun Wikipedia pension fraudsters seek to suppress, the Auschwitz Holy Shrine, Stalin set up for his anti-Capitalist, Four Million Martyrs Doctrine, creating his Martyrology in order to out-do the Christians:

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