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Here is the building and here are the details which Wikipedia Dark Men seek to hide to cover up the massive Pension Fraud Crimes. We challenge them to reveal who they are.

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Stalin begins his Holy Shrine and Four Million Martyrs Doctrine to hide his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes

A click of Jews discover they can use Stalin for their own sake and begin demanding huge Reparations from West Germany

The Bernard Madoff swindle is nothing compared to this one

Here is the building from which these Pension Fraud Crimes started

Here are the building details by which Wikipedia covers up its huge Pension Fraud Crimes

Today the Pension Fraud Crime fraudsters seek to hide the origin of their fake claims and hide themselves

Who are the people behind the Wikipedia article on Auschwitz?

Please come forward you Dark Men of Sicarii Crime Syndicate and don’t hide in order to protect your lies and protect the massive Pension Fraud Crimes

For further details:

Preview of “M”_35

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