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Stealing body organs from Palestinians and other stealing of body parts around the world

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The stealing of body organs by the Israel Army

Organs used for Transplant

Other stealing of organs around the world

The Holy Bible hardly condemns taking body parts. Consider this fact taken directly from the Bible and Jesus Christ’s demand

Was Apostle Paul involved with stealing Penises for Dildo use?

Is stealing organs a bigger business than we think?

The Israel Army has for a long time been accused of stealing body organs from Palestinians.

El Pais of 16 October 2013:37 tells of the robbery of a baby. When they opened the alleged tomb of the baby no parts were found. Where did the corpse of the baby go? For Medical Experiments? For body parts?

Canarias 7 reports on 19 October 2013:35 that the La Organizacion Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT) have come across an Internet web page, making publicity of a variety of body organs for sale.

Canarias 7 reports on 22 October 2013:32 the finding of a girl supposedly stolen by Gypsy man and wife. A picture is shown of the girl for identification. Are stealing children the thing to gain easy money today?

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