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Former BBC man Laurence Rees: A strong Pisser and promoter of Auschwitz For War Doctrine

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Former BBC man Laurence Rees: A Holocaust Denier and strong Pisser and Promoter of Auschwitz For War Doctrine

Pisserism, of which Laurence Rees is a strong contender of, is used by States and their corrupt politicians to persecute, use violence against, jail, and torture dissenters. There is no Pisser on record who has ever condemned such acts of Terrorism.

Used by BBC to launch Stalin Four Million Martyrs Doctrine

Pisserism is often a cover-up of the Dean and Father of the HEC Cult, Stefan Szende. He was the first one to propose some form of a Swimming Pool was used to assassinate 5 million Martyrs in Poland, mostly at Belzec.

Pisserism hide the fact that such terms as Holocaust Denial, Holocaust Denier, HD, were first used by Ditlieb Felderer, partly as designating those who DENY the fact there is a Swimming Pool at Auschwitz and other German camps.

In the Wikipedia article on Auschwitz Laurence Rees is used as an authority on Auschwitz several times, making one wonder if he is one of those behind the article seeking to promote himself and his own ignorance

Google with their had dealing on Laurence Rees censored, stating they are not responsible to give any reason. In moved instead Sites favorable to the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult.

There is not one Pisser on record that does not live by Limited Censorship, the French Revolution and Hegel concept that the State has a duty and right to force you to believe. Old Blasphemy laws in Europe either continue or are refurbished into new laws. Germany gives five years in jail for DOUBTING the Pisser Cult, while its Director, Angela Merkel, hurls Drones made in Israel upon Afghan men, women, and children. Sweden allows police to take over your home, sleep in it, have sex in it, eat and drink up your food, and vandalize it beyond recognition.

Pisserism is used by Sweden Supreme Court to justify Terrorist acts against dissenting views. Its Supreme Court Chief, Johan Munck, and his staff are on record justifying violence and Terrorist acts against Doubters and Cartoon makers.

Used to promote Auschwitz Vomitorium, not as a fake building fabricated by Stalin filled with his Relics, but as a bona fide place of proof of a Gas Chamber and Nazi crimes

Used to cover-up the Auschwitz Swimming Pool

Used to cover-up the responsibility and culpable Jewish Sonderkommando and Kapo

Used to cover-up the huge Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) connected with Stalin’s Holy Shrine

Aided Stalin’s friends to cover-up Stalin’s War Crimes and his Katyn Massacres


The Doctrine of Pisserism preach that when you are at Auschwitz and go behind Block 6, you do not see a Swimming Pool at all but some sort of a water collection place against fires. The Trampolines, Starting Blocks, Shower Heads, etc., are all Ghosts, including the whole 25 meter long competition pool. You imagine seeing things, and the Pissers are there to help you out to understand the mysteries behind it all, even though none of them bothered to go there to find out, or, even know how to swim. All is hearsay and rumor. The Smoking Gun becomes a bubble gum. In fact, it is the old piss-hole the Jewish-Polish military used to chastise soldiers whom they tossed there for reeducation.

There are few men used by the Fabrication Historians more than Laurence Rees. We on our part have run into him as he has been used to explain to us that the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is not a Swimming Pool at all, and Laurence Rees knows better and best of what it is.

In trials they will pick up on Laurence Rees and his Denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, telling judge and jury: ‘There you are there is no Swimming Pool at Auschwitz’, stating that here is Authority Laurence Rees and his ‘expert’ opinion says it was just a pool of water to help in fire fighting. If you tell the judge you have been there and seen things otherwise the judge will take that against you as proof that you are either a mental case or a liar.

Up to this date, 25 October, 2013, Laurence Rees seems to insist on this fairy tale, and continues to be used by the State and Establishment for Auschwitz For War Doctrine, the false Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC), and other cover-ups.

If the man hasn’t learned up till now what a Swimming Pool is, it is doubtful he ever will.

It is well to take note of here that Laurence Rees became a wealthy man due to this hoax and is one of the strong men, not only in the Pisser Domain, but also for knowing how to line his own pockets and feather his own nest.

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