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Will the new African Dream come true? Millions Africans get married to European gays. Homosexualism stampedes to Europe.

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The new African Dream: Get married to a European Homosexual though not gay yourself

Millions of Africans hope for their Liberation

Europe’s coming invasion of Africans feigning as gays

Africans suddenly realize there is a new road to happiness by playing Homosexual. All this because Homosexualism is now a ‘married thing’ according to law. Thus, by marrying a European gay, the African can liberate himself and move to Europe. Once there, he will depart the gay life after some time, and now settles in becoming just another social case.

Millions of European gays are hoping for their African Dream Man which now can come true. And since he may also divorce, he can just get rid of his former money-crazed victim by marrying a new one. If he does it right, he could through his life be married to 60 people, whom he thus has liberated by liberating himself.

SOURCE: El Pais, 23 October 2013:36

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