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Interpol Chief , Secretary General, Ronald Noble, wants citizens run around with guns to fight Islam

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Interpol Chief, Secretary General, Ronald Noble, wants citizens run around with guns to fight Islam

What use is Interpol good for?

If you are an assassin of Israel you go free?

How could INTERPOL have missed out in finding the world’s supposedly biggest Serial Killer, Filip Muller, living in full luxury at Mannheim in West Germany, supported, and protected, by West Germany’s corrupt police, judiciary, and politicians? Self-confessed Serial Killer, Filip Muller, is to have aided in assassinating 4 million Martyrs inside Stalin Holy Shrine at Auschwitz

If you are a Pension Fraud Crime (PFC) mobster of Israel you go free.

The assassination of Ahmed Bouchikhi in Lillehammer, Norway, 21 July 1973

On a Sabbath Day, July 21, 1973, Morocco man, Ahmed Bouchikhi, was assassinated by Israel MOSSAD right on the street in Lillehammer, Norway. The Jews had picked the Sabbath Day in order to becloud their assassinating act. A similar Jewish assassination is that of the Swede, Folke Bernadotte, who was killed because he had uttered that what he saw in Palestine done by the Jews was worst than anything he had seen by the Germans with their Concentration Camps.

But the Jewish assassins got caught. What happened? Nothing. They were all sent back to Israel where they came from, and other places where they lived. The policeman who handled the case later got a chief position at Interpol.

Instead of going to the source of the problem, citizens, who mostly don’t know how to shoot and brush their teeth, are now encouraged to get arms to defend themselves against a fictitious enemy. Soon all of Europe will have crazed people running around in the streets claiming they are just shooting Islamists or their supporters, be that how distant.

Of course the American gun crazed supporters now go wild over this. And so do many men who wish they had it easier to kill their wives. And of course, the source of all this madness no one seems interested to bother about.

And the real enemy may be, not Islam, but your own police. In Sweden the police has the full right to enter any writer, cartoonists, musician’s, home. Then in Swedish Policemen Lennart Selin and Svante Nordin way, who tell you they just ”follow order”, steal your books, photos, cartoons, etc., and then burn them up in Fahrenheit 451 way. They also take over your home while you are in jail, eat up your food, and drink your beer. Vandalize your complete home it takes you years to get in order again. And of course may have sex with your wife, and have sex with their friends in your own home. So maybe we are looking at the wrong enemies? Maybe this is all deflection? Maybe the enemies stand there right before you, telling you they are there to ”protect you,” for ”your security”! With guns in their hand.

Sweden police just don’t want promotion, and for this everything is allowable; but also want to dominate you. The whole system of corrupt Swedish bureaucracy enable them to do just that. To effectively do so, they want you unarmed under the feign of ‘protection’ and ‘security’, while they themselves are used for various terrorist acts against the citizens.

And Interpol is still looking for all those Pension Fraud Crimes (PFC) Israel has been responsible for where millions of millions just disappeared out to nowhere. So what good is Interpol good for? For Israel I guess.

NB Sweden still refuse to take up the case of the several Terrorist attacks against Ditlieb Felderer and his Philippine wife, orchestrated by the Swedish Stockholm Synagogue and the Swedish Foreign Office today lead by Carl Nils Bildt. The woman prosecutor, Agneta Isborn Lind, who thuged the case, got a high position in Stockholm. Are you surprised?

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