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Pension Fraud Crime Sters and their Fronts

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Pension Fraud Crime-Sters and their Fronts (PFC)

The Modus Operandi of Pension Frauds

The world’s biggest Pension Fraud Crime (PFC) has its origin in Stalin’s Four Million Martyrs Doctrine, where he claimed that at Auschwitz, at its Crematory 1, often called the Holy Shrine, more than 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs died. But it was thanks to Stalin that not the whole Slav population along with the Jews would die. In this way Stalin was able to fool the world and cover-up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes.

Why the Holy Shrine became the center of the Pension Fraud Crimes is interesting as there were other locations competing, such as Stefan Szende’s Belzec, and his 5 million exterminated claim. That was to have happened in some sort of a Swimming Pool at Belzec, which has resulted in that some Pissers, Holocaust Deniers (HD), now feel the REAL location is not the Holy Shrine, but the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, where millions were hurled down by the hands of the Genocide Ethnic Cleansing Serial Killing Sicarii, Jewish Sonderkommando, being hurled down from Trampolines of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, which to them is still the old Jewish-Polish military piss-hole, used to discipline their soldiers for not marching right or not honoring the Officers in the right way, in the old military camp. The disobeying soldiers were hurled or thrown into the piss-pool for reeducation and punishment of bad behavior.

The reason why the Pissers have switched location from the Holy Shrine to the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is much due to the change of preaching Doctrines. The Gallows Door Doctrine got out of mode with the new Director of Auschwitz Vomitorium, Piotr Cywinski, and so, in came the Corpse Door Doctrine which doesn’t make better sense than the old Gallows Door Doctrine. Some Pissers now feel that due to these alterations of HEC Cult Fundamentalism, the Martyr place should be relocated to the Swimming Pool, or what to them is the old piss-hole, piss-pond, or piss-cloak. Many of the Pissers can’t get it over with that it is indeed a bona fide Swimming Pool that Hitler built, and so deny their own eyes by wishing it is the old piss-hole.

The unquestionable largest money swindle is that which was able to pull over onto the German, Austrian, Switzerland, and other nations done by a click of crafty Jews. These people being able to run away with the loot are so corrupt that they even cheat each other, resulting in that the fake claimants often stand there without getting a nickel.

On this Site we will go in on some of the active and dormant persons and outlets which are directly, indirectly, or just ignorant tools of the pension fraudsters. They are all put in alphabetical order. But you can already go to many of them by searching in, hitting tags such as : HD, HEC Cult, Holocaust Denial, Holocaust Denier, Pisser. All Pissers are Pension Fraud Crime-sters, either willingly, or dragged into the crime by sheer wanting to be a person to come to the aid of the party, not realizing they are being used as Milking Cow suckers.

It is well to take note here that ANONYMITY often goes with these Crime Syndicates. They come out with boasting claims of knowing it all and do so by not revealing who they are. Thus Nizkor, used for a long time by Google on first place dealing on DITLIEB had a part dealing on Ditlieb Felderer, but who put it in, we don’t know.

Another interesting place is Emory University where Holocaust Denier, Deborah Lipstadt, operates. It is clear that the apologists of Exterminationism, the HEC Cult, Holocaust Extortion Cult, do not want to reveal who they are, in order so that they cannot be caught as they jump from one HEC Doctrine to the next, to maintain the swindles of the HEC Cult. It is clear that Deborah Lipstadt here has friends who help her out in fabricating a continuous yarn of fanciful tales to bolster their pecuniary Cult

Here is now a list of groups and people operating to make the world’s biggest Pension Fraud Crime become possible. You are welcome to submit your own discoveries because the Pension Fraud Crime-sters work like rats, they come and go, change name and place to make their criminal operations difficult to pin down.


Anne Frank Drug Cult
Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Forum for levande historia
Franck Eskil

Institut fur Zeitgeschichte (IFZ), Institute of Contemporary History
Scholtyseck Joachim,assistant Pisser of Institute of Contemporary History

Kurt Schrimm of Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizvervaltungen…
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, USA

Wikipedia and their articles on Auschwitz and alleged Nazi criminals
Wirsching Andreas, Director of Institut fur Zeitgeschichte

Zentrale Stelle der Landesjustizverwaltungen zur Aufklarung nationalsozialistischer Verbrechen, Ludwigsburg

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