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Dog Fights prohibited at Auschwitz Recreation Sport and Relief Camp

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Auschwitz and Animal Cruelty


Dog Fights were prohibited at Auschwitz

Death Sentence if found guilty of torturing dogs at Auschwitz

Dog Doctrine and the Jewish Sonderkommando

Dog Fights are prohibited in most of Europe yet they keep on going on without stoppage. Newspapers reporting about them will never mention the names of those behind, nor show their pictures. It is in effect a sport most holy than the Holy of Holiest.

A way to stop them was to picture those participating and organizing Dog Fights. Make a Video of them and put it onto Internet. Anyone who have seen such gruesome fights initiated and organized by man can not let be but feel the uppermost of dislike and hate against those treating animals in such ways. And the first time we hear of animals being killed in masses, is in the Bible at the Noah’s Flood were evidently animals also were guilty of Sin. There, the Jewish tribal God Jehovah killed 99.9% of earth’s animals in a mighty slaughter of bloodshed never ever heard again to happen.

The Jewish Sonderkommando were supposed to have used them against Jews who did not obey. At the same time we are told about the Secret Doctrine where everything was to be held secret, so secret you couldn’t hear a nail dropping to the ground.

SOURCE: Canarias 7, 19 October, 2013:50

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