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Was Stefan Szende a Pisser?

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The Auschwitz Swimming Pool used in killing Four Million Martyrs

The Pissers and their Pissing Cult

Was Stefan Szende a Pisser and did he belong to the Pisser Cult?

What about his claim of Hitler saving him because he had put onto his Circumcised Penis a fresh new Foreskin?

Why is the answer ‘yes and no’?

It has to be both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’ when it comes to Stefan Szende. Szende was the Originator, the Dean, of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, also called Exterminationism.

As such he became the first to suggest that Hitler killed some 5 million, evidently most, if not all, Jews, and that inside some form of a swimming pool. Szende never wrote about the Auschwitz Swimming Pool and the place where the killings were done was not Auschwitz, but Belzec, also that in Poland.

But Szende was not a Pisser in the true meaning of Pisser, and that is, that he suggested that at Auschwitz what you see today, is not the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, but an exact replica of the old piss-pole used by the Jewish-Polish military prior to the Germans coming to Auschwitz and making it over to a Recreation Sport and Relief Camp.

Hence, Stefan Szende, himself a Jew, originated the swimming pool as the Smoking Gun murder tool, but he was not a Pisser, for he accepted not the Pisser Cult and their arguments of seeing a Phantom, a Ghost replica at Auschwitz. In fact, Stefan Szende did not even write about Auschwitz. His place was Belzec, not Auschwitz.

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