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New claim in Europe: Nobel Peace Prize Drone Killer Obama is using NSA to target Europeans for the kill

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NSA, National Security Agency involved with target killings of Europeans?

New Claim circulating in Europe

Nobel Peace Prize Drone Killer Obama is using, or intends to use his murder Drones to kill Europeans

The claim is, that he has done so elsewhere for years where he has targeted innocent men, women, and children for his murderous Drones, while at the same time experimenting with them.

That he is doing so in Europe sounds interesting, though weird. If so, he must have Israel’s help, and the use of the countries’ corrupt politicians.

A further claim is, that Obama’s killer Drones may not only carry explosives but also Chemical poison, in order to make his kills more silent and conspiratorial.

FACT: The Nobel Peace Prize is handed out in Norway under Sweden jurisdiction. Alfred Nobel was a Swede. According to Info, Thorbjorn Jagland, Labor Party, Secretary General of the Council of Europe and leader of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Norway, decided to give the peace prize to Obama at a political sex orgy party.

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