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Furious Fans of Pisser Richard Evans call down fire and brimstone upon claiming Richard Evans is not a Pisser!

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Furious fans of Pisser Richard Evans call down Fire and Brimstone upon

The Auschwitz Swimming Pool is not a Swimming Pool

No HEC Cult without a Chimney

The Pension Fraud Crimes are built upon the Relic Chimney and that it is not a fraud Chimney

Claim Richard Evans is not a Pisser

Claim Richard Evans cannot be a Pisser because he is Knighted

Can Knighthood stop you from Pissing?


What we have written on Pisser Richard Evans should be clear to all, yes even a child. Richard Evans, who belongs inside the Three Stooges clan, is a Pisser because he accepts the claim the Auschwitz Swimming Pool is not a Swimming Pool at all but belongs to the former Jewish-Polish Military Piss Pool, where amongst other things subordinate and unruly soldiers were tossed. A mere marching wrong, or saluting the Officers wrong, would land you there. Anyone being tossed into the stinking pool would be reminded of it for the rest of his life.

But we can go further as we do not need to rest here, clearly showing Richard Evans, Knighted or not, is a Pisser. Pisser Richard Evans believes that the Chimney at the Stalin Holy Shrine at Auschwitz is not a fake, but genuine Relic from the moment Stalin entered into the Camp to save Poland.

This makes him a double Pisser as without a Chimney you can have no HEC Cult, no Holocaust Extortion Cult. The Pension Fraud Crimes are built on the premise the Chimney is genuine, not a fake Chimney that Stalin erected. It is now dubbed, the Auschwitz Penis.

Furthermore, the claim that a Knight can’t be a Pisser is absurd. Richard Evans case, being an illustrious Knight, proves, that even Knights in their fine regalia can be Pissers and may even be proud to be so.

To all you Richard Evans Piss supporters: Have you ever asked Pisser Richard Evans if he objects being a Pisser? If not, it is about time you personally ask him before you complain about him being a Pisser, and a very fine such.

FACT: Pisser Richard Evans obtained his Knighthood in 2012. Knights have been notorious for being the best Pissers around. Picture shows the fake Auschwitz Chimney Stalin built. It is now called the ‘Auschwitz Penis’.

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