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Are there any Child Pissers? If not, why are all Pissers grown ups?

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Are there any child Pissers? If not, why are all Pissers grown ups?

Are the Pissers still in the diaper stage?

How many times a day must the Pissers diapers be changed?

There are no child Pissers. This is a totally up-side-down world where the children become mature, and the Pissers the babies

When Pissers see a Swimming Pool they think they see a cloak, a place to piss into

Nietzsche called it the inverted world. The sane become the insane. The inmates take over the asylum. That is what Exterminationism, the HEC Cult is all about. The Pissers are in their diapers and need constant diaper changes to remain within the elite class, those needing steady help to stand on their two legs. Six time a day diaper change is normal. They love the SIX. Say Six Million and they all start frothing from their childish mouths.

When you first show a child a potty it gets surprised. Doesn’t know what to do with it. So it is with the Pisser class. They still have to learn how to use a potty. When they see a Swimming Pool such as at Auschwitz they get all confused. Think it is a pond to piss into. It’s the normal reaction of all children. And the Pissers are still in their child state. Still not able to differentiate between a bona fide Swimming Pool and a piss pool. A child can see that at once when it comes to the Auschwitz Swimming Pool. But the Pissers can’t. It doesn’t register. They need our constant aid and assistance.

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