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American Government destroys Sport stamps: For heavens sake let’s bring back the Auschwitz Swimming Pool!

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American Government is in these trying fiscal days destroying Sport stamps according to Info given out by

Apparently the American Politicians want kids all heading into the Empire of Lard Kingdom, where each kid competes with the next for who carries the highest load of lard

For heaven’s sake: let’s bring back the Auschwitz Swimming Pool to the kids and dump their lard into the clean water!

The Pissers and their fight against the Auschwitz Swimming Pool

The Auschwitz Swimming Pool is found inside the Auschwitz Sport and Recreation Relief Camp behind its Block 6, just some meters above the largest building inside the sport and recreation place, its huge Kitchen, opposite the Auschwitz Brothel at Block 24.

All Pissers belong to the HEC Cult (pronounced: HECK), who slavishly and religiously maintain in typical Cult adherence that what you see at Auschwitz, is not a Swimming Pool at all, but the old Military, Polish-Jewish piss-hole used to punish soldiers in who were disobedient, did not march right, or saluted their officers the wrong way.

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