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Is Stalin finding he has competition with his Four Million Martyrs with the recent 522 Martyrs of Roman Catholic Church?

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Is Stalin finding that his Four Million Martyrs of his Holy Shrine at Auschwitz is getting competition from the 522 recent Martyrs of the Roman Catholic Church?

The Beatification of 522 Roman Catholic Martyr priests at Tarragona in Spain

Stalin does not need to worry. What is Four Million Martyrs killed by the Capitalists for their anti-capitalist stand compared to a mere 522 clergy and religious men and women of the Roman Catholic Church?

Stalin can rest in peace knowing that his Jewish Sonderkommando, or rather, Hitler’s Jewish Sonderkommando did their work well, and only a nuclear war can overreach Stalin’s four million anti-capitalist Martyrs.

Stalin can also rest in peace knowing Poland will continue to keep the secret lid on the Katyn Massacres and that Stalin created his Hollywood show and Holy Shrine to remind Poland he came there as Savior of the nation. Piotr Cywinski and all the others at Auschwitz Vomitorium will see to it all in good Goebbels fashion.

We do not know if Martyrologist and Holocaust Denier (HD), and renowned Pisser, Deborah Lipstadt, was invited to this prestigious service, but here she is reminding us of what the Jewish Sonderkommando did and all those Jewish kitchen staff who served them food from the Auschwitz huge Kitchen in order for them to be able to do their massive killing inside the Auschwitz Holy Shrine, all while the Jewish Orchestra was playing the music to the tunes of the Auschwitz Waltz. Let us therefore Never Forget all those 4 million Martyrs they killed while partaking of their hot soup and sausages, wearing the latest in females underwear, all according to Survivor testimonies.

Picture shows Joy Sing showing off her thing she donned onto herself to escape future Pogroms and Antisemitism.

Source: Canarias7, 14 October 2013:1, 25


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