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Daniel Defoe, was he the first person writing about how to run the world and the New World Order?

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Daniel Defoe, wrote about how to run the world and the New World Order. Was he the first?

All European countries are run according to the warning Daniel Defoe gave.

Free Speech is a total farce and does in reality not exist. All is Emperor’s New Clothes.

In USA today, if you laugh at the TSA you go to prison. This has been a long rule with Israel that if you laugh at their flag you also go to prison.

We yet have to see a rule that if you laughed at Stalin you go to prison, but maybe that also existed.

Make note the Bible New Testament says nothing on Free Speech because it was accepted there was none. Romans 13:1-7 was the guide for all Christians and slavishly followed.

Daniel Defoe is most known for his book Robinson Crusoe.

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