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Crime, Crime, Crime. Corruption, Corruption, Corruption

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Crime, corruption, scams, cons, cheating, lies, swindles, hoaxes, frauds, envelope Western World today. It is all over, and wherever you go you can notice it

El Pais, 7 October 2013:37, reports on the adoption scandals with Russia where children are adopted by Spain Homosexuals for abuse. One wonders what this does to those who always speak so positive about adoption as a solution to all ill.

Same paper and same date, pages 18, 19, tells of Spanish prisoners of war inside Stalin Soviet Union. Evidently they didn’t have the luxuries that Auschwitz gave and where Stalin did everything to hide its largest building, the huge Kitchen.

Same paper, same date, page 21, reports of the ever so lucrative sales of weapons, this time to Egypt, and which now are being used against its own people. As Orwell said, War Is Peace.

Same paper, same date, page 23, corruption and illegalities within Spain’s judiciary. Evidently the same old song.

Same paper, same date, page 15, corruption within Labor Unions such as UGT. False invoices being made. Anything new here?

Below you see a Ditlieb Felderer photo of Forum Filatelico scam which involves millions of money, and still not one inch ahead of being cleared.


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