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Was the Father and Dean of Holocaust Extortion Cult, Stefan Szende HEC Cult right: The Final Solution began and ended at Auschwitz Swimming Pool?

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The Dean and Father of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, HEC Cult, also called Martyrology and Caustology, Stefan Szende, becomes the first to suggest the Nazis used some sort of Swimming Pool type to kill 5 million, apparently all Jews, at Belzec.

Stefan Szende becomes to first person suggestion a Final Solution of Hitler. After him, others picked up on it.

Gerald Reitlinger publishes his, mostly fiction, The Final Solution, in 1953.

With time the place switches over from Belzec, the original mass killing place, to Dachau, then to Auschwitz.

Stalin’s Holy Shrine is used by Stalin to preach his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine claiming four million anti-capitalists died within the Holy Shrine. Stalin does so in order to hide his Katyn Massacres.

Doubts start circulating that the place of killing, the Material Evidence, the Smoking Gun, is a wrong location and so the Holy Shrine crimes switch over to the Auschwitz Swimming Pool where the Jewish Sonderkommando once more become the agents for the mass killings.

At the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, the Jewish Sonderkommando, by tricking the Martyrs, then hurl the Martyrs into the deep of the Swimming Pool from the Trampolines. Thus four million Martyrs did not die inside the Stalin Holy Shrine, but the German made Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

Of course, Stefan Szende, never mentioned Auschwitz. But his original thesis of Swimming Pool type killing places originated with him and his friends. Stefan Szende also claimed that Jews had their Penises knocked up with fresh new Foreskins to avoid being detected by Hitler. He, and his friends, claimed they survived Hitler, thanks to these new Foreskins.

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