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German War Crimes lead by War Criminal Angela Merkel extend into Afghanistan and Russia, and into China

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Turkey as venue of transporting German arms into Afghanistan for war against Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, and China

Millions of dollar in weapons move into Afghanistan to extend the New World Order

German invasion troops refused to wear uniforms in Trabzon, Turkey, at Black Sea, where Weapons of Mass Destruction then flow into Afghanistan and elsewhere

German soldiers denied wearing uniforms to disguise their presence and keep everything secret for the German people

To disguise the whole insurgent operation, Germans denied raising flag

Thousands of containers, trucks, drones, and other material of War Destructive Weapons move from Trabzon into closer areas of Iran, China and Russia

Eisenhower’s prediction of war is well on the way and has been so for years

Turkey which also has become a strong outlet for the Anne Frank Drug Cult, its Foreign Minister, Levent Gumrukcu, keeps mouth shut

as do German Bundeswehr, Verteidigungsministerium, and of course, War Criminal, Angela Merkel

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