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History shift? Did the Final Solution and killing of four million Stalin martyrs start at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool?

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Is there a historical shift going on? History being remade?

Is Stefan Szende’s claim of death by a type of a Swimming Pool being vindicated?

Did the Final Solution begin at the Auschwitz Swimming Pool?

Did the Jewish Sonderkommando hurl their four million Martyrs from the Auschwitz Trampolines to their impending death into the Auschwitz Swimming Pool?

Faithful adepts of the Holocaust Extortion Cult, HEC Cult (pronounced: HECK), also called Exterminationism are now shifting over the Stalin Four Million Martyrs Doctrine to the Auschwitz Swimming Pool whereby the millions were tossed into the deep water below via Trampolines (Diving Boards).

No longer is the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz considered to be the death center for the millions of Stalin Martyrs but the famous Auschwitz Swimming Pool found behind Block 6, inside the Auschwitz Recreation and Relief Camp.

How much credence can be put on this new history view?

Most Holocaust Deniers (HD) seem to agree this is a better and stronger place for the HEC Cult.

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