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Sweden continues use Nazi Collaborator Simon Wiesenthal and other MOSSAD agencies to spread HISTORY and bamboozling Sweden and its youth

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Sweden standing behind its own Drug Cult

Sweden in its holy Mission to spread race hate and confusion amongst Swedish people, especially targeting its youth for the Anne Frank Drug Cult

Eskil Frank and his hard core racist outlet: Forum For Levande Historia in Stockholm, Sweden

The end of the Swedish propaganda for Zionism racism and the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, just seem to never end. Eskil Franck of the Zionist Front, Forum For Levande Historia, after the debacle of Stalin’s Holy Shrine became more and more known, has been focusing his disinformation on Raoul Wallenberg instead of the Auschwitz faked ‘gas chamber’ Stalin built. As always the Simon Wisenthal gang, a former Nazi Collaborator, stands behind him, goading him on to further crazy expeditions into the fantasy world.

Raoul Wallenberg was a wealthy Sweden diplomat who had been involved with the Ivar Kreuger (Kruger) Match companies and like so many others lost money in the debacle. Raoul Wallenberg was also involved with lending money to various Jewish outfits and he now feared this was the next business scandal, and now demanded money back from the cloak-and-dagger Jews.

Fearful of the outcome, the speculative money conscious business mob, the Sicarii Jews, now ganged up on Raoul Wallenberg and got him liquidated, much like what happened to Folke Bernadotte in 1947. Swedish investigators were well aware of this, but were able to swing it around, just as in the case of Sweden’s Justice Minister, Herman Zetterberg, that it was Stalin who killed Raoul Wallenberg. In case of Herman Zetterberg, years later, his vanish from the high society Swedish horizon became reality and Sweden’s corrupt politicians blamed it on that Zetterberg was kidnapped by Soviet Union. This was far from the case however. Herman Zetterberg’s wife, Ulrika Lyttkens had committed suicide after a usual brawl with her husband Zetterberg.

Zetterberg found her dead in bed, got wound up thinking of what people would say, got himself stone drunk and was found loused down under a bench in Stockholm. He was now secretly shipped away to hated Franco Spain for recuperation. Coming back he made it to Denmark, where he next committed suicide just like his wife Ulrika Lyttkens had done. Both were habitual drug users, and drug was the easy way out of troubles caused by themselves.

Sweden has ever since put the blame on Soviet Russia, covering-up the fact Raoul Wallenberg was liquidated by gangster, Sicarii ridden Jews for money rackets both sides were engaged with. This is especially useful, as Forum For Levande Historia has become a major outlet to cover-up the world’s greatest pension frauds ever.

As for Raoul Wallenberg’s liquidation by the Jews it has its similarities with the liquidations by the Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando, who liquidated some four million Capitalist Martyrs inside Crematory 1 at Auschwitz which Stalin turned into a Holy Shrine filled with Relics.

Other similarities to the death of Raoul Wallenberg are the Bernard Madoff, Ed Fagan, and Robert Maxwell’s pension frauds.

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