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So you want to Google ‘ditlieb’ or ‘ditlieb felderer’

Language: English, MP3, Time: 10:43 Minutes

Google ‘ditlieb’ or ‘ditlieb felderer’, and what will you find?

Nizkor and their clandestine work

Why Nizkor hate visibility

Just now we made a search on ‘ditlieb’ on Internet and this is what we found as we searched reference to ‘ditlieb’ and Nizkor on 9 September 2013 around 10:30. Nizkor is a Holocaust Denying source (HD), linked in with radical Zionism, the Bible Mafia, and Sicarii cutthroats. This is what we find, focusing on Nizkor:

Yahaoo had ‘ditlieb’ on 7th place

Bing on 27th place

Google on 3rd place

For a lengthy time when you used Google, Nizkor came in first. And this is what it said, with some small changes:

Ditlieb Felderer – The Nizkor Project‎
“All the way back in antiquity the Zionists have peddled their ware, a disease far worse than the leprous plague. In this way they have brought havoc, confusion, …

Realizing Google was used to manipulate searches, for why should this short source always be mentioned first when it said nothing about ‘ditlieb’ except for use of term ‘democracy’ which at first was used instead of ‘Zionists’?

A search was then made on Nizkor of Canada, and we were not at all surprised. They belong to the usual Sicarii Cult using the media to character assassinate persons, and if that doesn’t work use any means of violence possible.

Thus Nizkor was in cahoot with the main Jewish Synagogue in Stockholm, run for a long time by Sedition American Rabbi, Commandant Morton Narrowe. His Synagogue had orchestrated several Terrorist attacks against Ditlieb and his Philippine wife with the help of the Sweden Foreign Office, Skoloverstyrelsen, the media Zionist run papers, Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, and other Sweden State payed media. Arson attempts was also included into their program. One of the chief dogs of Sedition American Rabbi, Commandant Morton Narrowe was Frank Hirshfeldt, known for his Sweden radio programs on the benefits of drugs. This reached all the way into the Anne Frank Drug Cult, who sanctimoniously mourned under the power of drugs.

Although ostensible making show of upholding his American Constitution and Free Speech, the First Amendments, Article 1, when Seditionist Rabbi Morton Narrowe’s assassination attempts failed, though greatly hurting his Philippine wife; Narrowe then set in to assault Ditlieb with the help of his Swedish Courts. Ditlieb was then sent to torture at various Swedish Concentration Camps. All this, is of course known to Nizkor, and they certainly had a foremost interest to cover up these facts, especially as Ditlieb had discovered the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, were using their fanatical religious racket for the world’s largest pension fraud, ever.

Next in line for assault by Seditionist Rabbi Commandant Morton Narrowe, was to deny Free Speech against Islam activist, Ahmed Rami under Sweden’s draconian Censorship laws. Ahmed now ended up in jail with full denial of defending himself, just as in the case of Ditlieb. Of course all this is known to Nizkor, and has been so for a long time, even through their glorious ‘project’ may have an air of newness to it.

And of course; the question comes up from the public: Why did Google use Nizkor for years as first reference to Ditlieb and Ditlieb Felderer? Does not this smack of manipulation? Google of course has a right to do what they want, for different to Google, we do respect and honor Free Speech.

Goggle is up for Monopoly in Europe today. This shows that there are other matters that should concern us much more than Monopoly: the use of the Internet as an excuse for violence and terrorist acts, as in the case of ‘ditlieb’, and there are others. Fanatical Cults as Zionism and their ‘Nizkors’ have had a long history in knowing how to handle its opponents. Spinoza became an early target, and they got him liquidated.

Of course this story is a lot longer than this. Such as Google’s censorship of Ditlieb Felderer and is owned by Google.

One thing is certain, only by a collaboration of corrupt politicians, corrupt judiciary, corrupt police, corrupt media, can all this violence and cheating for money’s sake go on. It is only through the participation of the cloak level of society why we will not see an end to it, but continued, refurbished perhaps under some other title.

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