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Has Obama finally been able to outmaneuver the Alternative Media with their Warmongers and Neo-Cons?

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Has Obama finally been able to outmaneuver the Alternative Media, such as, the Tea Party, and the Neo-Cons?

The opponents of Obama have for a lengthy time been able, in spite of their weakness, to outmaneuver the Obama people. Obama has been represented as a War Criminal, a person who took Nobel Peace Prize by fraud, and as the worst of Censor breaker ever.

Obama has appealed to the Republicans, those who cherish Stalin and his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine the most, to hand out the money. And so in a master maneuver caused by both sides, there was no money for the various Veterans’ memorials.

But without thinking on this; Obama has given the opposing side a real blow and the Alternative Media now looks as an Emperor Without Clothes, as THEY now have clearly shown, it is THEY who are the REAL warmongers. It is difficult to see how they could have fallen into this trap so easy without seeing what was coming.

Now for the first time, thanks to the Warmongers themselves, the REAL question can be asked by the American people and by the rest of the world: Why did America enter World War 2? For years we have been told it was because of Hitler’s Gas Chamber, and the Auschwitz Stalin ‘Gas Chamber’ has been pointed out, where according to Stalin, there were gassed four million Anti-Capitalist Martyrs, and so Stalin created his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine.

Then, based on this Stalin Doctrine, was invented the Auschwitz For War Doctrine, or, Auschwitz Is War Doctrine as it also is called, replacing the old Domino Doctrine or Theory.

But now the world has learned that the Stalin ‘Gas Chamber’ at Auschwitz is all a fake. A swindle that Stalin made in order to cover-up his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes, and to get the Poles on his side in order to use Poland as a wall against Capitalist invasion.

So that brings us now to the big question: For what reasons are all these Veterans’ memorials constructed? The only ones who won out of this war was Israel and Stalin, and the New World Order gang. All these memorial center become ludicrous when we know this: they are standing there in praise of Stalin and his faked ‘Gas Chamber’, celebrating his Anti-Capitalist stand. All this goes to show how crazy wars are. At the end of it all, only very few people profit from them, and these people are untouchable.

All this has resulted in that the critics of Obama now have become the Warmongers with the Alternative Media becoming just another side of the warmongering coin.

How now will the Republicans and the Alternative Media get out of this mess they have created? Let’s wait and see what they now will cook up to rescue a sinking ship.

Source: El Pais, 2 October 2013:1-4, 26

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