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How Harvard University and their Harvard Crimson covered up the world’s biggest pension fraud, the Bradley Smith brave attempt of disclosure

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The Harvard Crimson is the daily student newspaper of Harvard University. It was here where Anti-Exterminationist and Cult Buster of such Cults as the HEC Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, good news exposer of racketeering, Bradley Smith of CODOH, attempted to place an ad asking for the name of one person killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz. This was of course denied by the Holocaust Deniers (HD) at Harvard and here are the logical reasons:

The HEC Cult us used to deflect from bringing attention to, that, a clique of Jews is using it for their scam of the largest pension fraud ever.

This pension fraud con is much bigger than that of Ed Fagan, Bernard Madoff, Robert Maxwell, and others and reaches into the billions.

At Auschwitz Stalin had declared he had discovered a ‘gas chamber’ at Crematory 1, which later became his Holy Shrine and Four Million Martyrs Doctrine. It was on this ‘truth’ and ‘fact’ that the clique of Jews decided to rake home their money via Reparations (German: Wiedergutmachung), and other schemes.

Had Harvard Crimson allowed this ad the whole pension scheme would be up for fraud as it was on this that the pensions and other material were given by Germany and Austria to the so called ‘Jews’.

This obvious racket could not be disclosed and so Harvard Crimson denied Bradley Smith questioning this Stalin originated Sacred Cow and Holy Truth for money’s sake.

Stalin’s Holy Shrine, that on which all pensions of this sort rest upon, have since been shown to be a total rigged building where Stalin set in several fake Relics in support of his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine to hide his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes he had committed. He even went so far as to paint in George Orwell, Animal Farm and its Napoleon fashion, the huge Auschwitz Kitchen into black, obscuring it in order to hide there was a Kitchen there as one of his main preaching against Capitalism, was, that it leads straight into the Gas Chamber.

As far as I know there is no Cult that has ever engaged with a critical discussion of its major Doctrine, which is here, Stalin’s Four Million Martyrs Doctrine. For instance, the Roman Catholic Church will not go into an open debate of the historical Jesus Christ. Whether he at all existed.

Nor do I know of any Christian group which has conceded it has a problem with its principal text of their Holy Bible. No original Bible text exist, only copies. Hence we have no real Christians. This was implied also by Herman Melville, the author of Moby-Dick, in his The Confidence Man , which reads much like this pension fraud. Needless to say, Melville’s book was repeatedly censored.

And world Jewish leader, Nahum Goldmann, wrote in his Das judische Paradox that Jewish life consists of two things: to protest and to extort money.

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