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Wikipedia involved with a massive pension fraud via its articles on Auschwitz

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Millions in pension funds from Germany, Austria, and other places have been obtained using pension frauds by Jews and others. Here are the history steps how this million dollar pension fraud was pulled over:

1. Stalin claims he discovered a ‘gas chamber’ at Auschwitz.
2. Stalin begins his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine.
3. Stalin decides to use his ‘gas chamber’ to divert attention from his Katyn Massacres and other War Crimes.
4. Jews step in, finding they can use Stalin for their own sake and claim that Hitler had a deliberate plan, Final Solution, to kill all the Jews via gas. The Final Solution Doctrine first begun with the Dean of Exterminationism, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult, Stefan Szende. Not a word is mentioned of Stalin’s claim that the Jewish Sonderkommando handled the whole gas operations. In fact, they were so secret, not even SS knew about them, only the Jewish Sonderkommando.
5. Jews point to the ‘gas chamber’ of being massively killed there, first at Belzek in some kind of an electric Swimming Pool (5 million supposedly killed at Belzec according to then Dean of the HEC Cult, Stefan Szende as Belzek had no ‘smoking gun’). They now switch from Belzec to Auschwitz.
6. Jews, who according to Nahum Goldmann, have a religion whose main aim is to protest and extort money, begin the Reparation claims (Wiedergutmachung) against Germany.
7. Occupied Germany begins Kangaroo Trials, such as the Frankfurt Auschwitz Show Trials to boost the Jews and others claim, such as those by head Kapo, Hermann Langbein, whom they protect, and now make him over from being a perpetrator to being a VICTIM. By that time huge sums had already been paid.
8. All sorts of fake pension claims are being made with millions fraudulently payed out.
9. Full focus is put on the alleged ‘Auschwitz Gas Chamber’, also called Holy Shrine. Pilgrims go to see it without being told it is a complete fake. Stalin had put in his own Relics to make it sell-able. His claim of 4 million Martyrs being exterminated there was never challenged by any Establishiment source, fully supporting the Zionist claims, and accomplices in their pension fraud.
10. Investigations are being made by independent sources and discover the alleged ‘gas chamber’ to be a total hoax. For instance it has no heat channel to the huge Chimney which is discovered to consist of just a pile of bricks.
10. Jews now pressure Governments to imprison those who claim the Auschwitz ‘gas chamber’ is a fake, resulting in people being imprisoned, often tortured, such as in Sweden.
11. But the discoveries of the fakes continue making it more an more difficult for the pension fraudsters to get Governments to imprison people. They themselves get involved with stealing pension money from their own.
12. Jewish pension fraudsters and their friends decide to change strategy, using such outlets as Wikipedia, to hide their blatant frauds. Whereas before, the Auschwitz Holy Shrine was used as the killing place, all to get the sympathies from the world, their claim becomes more and more apparent to be fraud. They now switch tactics making the main ‘smoking gun’ for their ‘Final Solution’ eradicated lest people start investigating even more their faked Holy Shrine building. They now, via Wikipedia, no longer claim more than 4 million got killed, mostly by gas inside the Holy Shrine, but now claim only 60.000 got killed there. Thus making the building insignificant, hoping thereby focus and attention will be taken away from the place from which the originally got their pensions. For should this ‘smoking gun’ be shown to be a fake, their pensions all become a fraud.
13. The HEC Cult Jews try everything in their might to hide the Jewish Sonderkommando being the main actors in the killings as that would mean they have to pay back the stolen loot. Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller is liquidated from their sight and his whole Wikipedia article obliterated.

Here are the Wikipedia steps to see how they proceed with obfuscating their pension fraud, taken from their 8 September article at 03:07. Go in here:

Then go to this heading:

Selection and extermination process

Next you will find this passage where the pension fraudsters now claim the original ‘smoking gun’ no longer is of significance:

After its decommissioning as a gas chamber, the building was converted to a storage facility and later served as an air raid shelter for the SS.[123] The gas chamber and crematorium were reconstructed after the war using the original components, which remained on site. Some 60,000 people were killed at Crematorium I.[124][125]

Here you have the modus operandi operations of how they hope to put this pension fraud over with the public.

You may read more of this at:

Those of you who protest and object to this finding can send objections to: or via voice record their protest at Skype: contra. Your message will be recorded and used for further articles.

Below you see the Corpse Door Entrance of Auschwitz Holy Shrine, Crematory 1. They effectively hide their former Gospel True doctrine that it was through the Gallows Door the 4 million gasees entered. By switching over to the Corpse Door Doctrine they hide their past infallible Doctrinal claim that it was through the Gallows Door the Martyrs entered just by Commandant Rudolf Hoss gallows. In doing so they hope to hide the MAIN KILLER BUILDING to divert attention from the fact it is this building their pension claims were grounded on. For that would make their pension claims fraudulent and they have to give back their stolen loot.

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