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Wikipedia in a massive religious cult hoax, the HEC Cult

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Wikipedia encyclopedia on-line muddled into a massive religious hoax and a fraud on the question of Auschwitz and the HEC Cult adepts Censorship

Wikipedia articles on Auschwitz, Birkenau, and the Holocaust Cult all written by the Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust Extortion Cult, the HEC Cult.

Stalin’s 4 million martyrs gassed at Holy Shrine 1, Crematory 1, at Auschwitz Recreation Sport Relief Camp now dwindled down to a mere 60.000! Not one reason given for this gigantic reduction.

How can 4 million become 60.000?

There still is no official acknowledgement by Auschwitz Vomitorium Director, Piotr Cywinski, about the fraudulent use of numbers, and in effect Stalin’s 4 million claim of gassed Martyrs still hold an official standing at this Hollywood stage place.

Stalin’s claim of the Four Million Martyrs Doctrine which the whole spectacle is built upon gave the following reasons for this number. They were supposedly built on these facts:
1. Testimonies
2. Confessions
3. Documents
4. Material Evidence
5. Chemical Tests
6. Rudolf Hoss testimony
7. Train Records and observations
8. Painting on wall and stone slabs

On the above ‘proofs’ we were told that the 4 million figure is absolutely true. This has now dwindled down to 60.000 by the Wikipedia biased HEC Cult authors, a figure Ditlieb Felderer, mentioned years ago in dealing with the Holocaust Extortion Cult.

Is Wikipedia not involved with a major fraud here, for how can 4 million Stalin Martyrs now become a mere 60.000? And please observe how the HEC Cult writers deny mentioning the four million figures which was sold for some 60 years as Gospel Truth.

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