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The perpetrators who became the ‘victims,’ Jewish Sonderkommando; and Roman Polanski who became the victim

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El Pais of 6 September 2013:45 has an article about Roman Polanski with the heading ‘Polanski talks about the persecution he suffered’.

Roman Polanski is charged for a variety of things, such as rape. To clear his problem, he made a pilgrimage to Auschwitz Vomitorium, which immediately brought him back to consumer society.

And while this drags on, German Witch Hunter and Holocaust Denier (HD), Kurt Schrimm, of HOT Gang is ready to bring people to court who have served tasty food to the Jewish Sonderkommando, who, like Polanski, have become the victims and not the perpetrators. And let us not forget the case of Jewish Sonderkommando, Serial Killer, Filip Muller, who was secretly brought to West Germany, receiving all luxury a king could want.

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