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Who are the world’s leading HD, Holocaust Deniers?

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Interestingly enough all are located today in only 2 countries. Namely: England and USA.

Interestingly enough no major HD, exist in Bible bogus Irael.

Interestingly enough all have denied the Auschwitz Swimming Pool.

Interestingly enough all are scared chickens and deny discussing their Cult, their holy Faith, with Infidels.

USA leading Holocaust Denier (HD) today is self-made ‘expert’, guru, Deborah Lipstadt, a woman of Emory University.

Interstingly all of them work overtime with Censorship and against Free Speech.

Interestingly enough all make money out of their racketeering.

Interestingly all are State payed, and, or, State protected.

Interestingly enough all support violence and terrorist acts against ‘infidels’.

Below you see why this Cult, the HD, the Cult of Holocaust Denying, has no support in the Material Evidence.

And here they are:
Christopher Browning, Edward Crankshaw, Richard Evans, Raul Hilberg, Olaf Jenssen, Deborah Lipstadt, Peter Longerich, Edward Murrow, Miklos Nyiszli, Robert Jan Van Pelt, Jean-Claude Pressac, Laurence Rees, Gerald Reitlinger, William Shirer, Three Stooges: Evans, Longerich, Robert Jan Van Pelt; Franciszek Piper, Stefan Szende (Dean of Exterminationism, the HEC and HD Cult)

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