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The Christians and their Bible which isn’t theirs

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The Bible is totally not understandable. And one of the big reasons is obvious: It was never meant to be used by the Gentiles, the Goym, the Heathen.

The Jews were hoping that this would be so: A sacred and secret book only read and used by those worshiping the tribal God Jehovah, the Mighty and Erect Penis In the Sky.

But all these hopes got dashed when Jews abroad learned another language and no longer spoke Hebrew. And to clear this mess up the Septuagint was made, and with it blew the monopoly with secrecy away. It got into the very hands, the Goyim, the Gentiles, the Heathen.

And this went on, and soon you had ones worst enemies not only using the Bible but creating new Churches called Synagogues with the New Jews, the Christians claiming the Messiah was theirs. Crusades and Inquisitions followed. They all claimed to have the only holy truth.

If you understand the fact that the Bible was never meant to be used by Goyim, the Gentiles, the theological mysteries clear up. All letters of the New Testament were primarily meant for Jews only. Even the book of Romans. As with all Faiths, soon the Copy became the dominant and begun shewing up the original. The conflicts between the Jews and Cosmetic Jews, the Christians, begun, each trying to gain the upper hand.

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