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Ukranian Serial Killer and Mass Murder Anatoly Onoprienko compared to Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller

C1055     Why is it that when it comes to the Bible Jews they are never the perpetrators, only the victims although they have committed mass murder, Genocide, and theft on a super massive scale? Thus the Ukraine Anatoly Onoprienko is a mass murderer whereas Filip Muller who supposedly is to have assisted in killing over six million Jews at the Holy Shrine of Auschwitz Vomitorium, only is a victim? The biggest killer the world has ever known is only the victim! The same guiltless argument with all the Chutzpah is found inside the Holy Bible pages. As an example, just read Joel 3:1-3, yes, the whole of Joel. There, the tribal God Jehovah blames his Chosen Race at times but takes it all away in dealing with Gentiles, the Heathens. Here is schizophrenia at its most extreme, its highest level. As the best Hollywood Oscar foreign film for 2015, up for Oscar Hollywood awarding on February 2016, is, the Hungarian film, Son Of Saul, dealing on a Genocide Serial Killing Ethnic Cleansing Sicarii Jewish Sonderkommando, who; again becomes the ”victim” not the perpetrator in spite of his Nazi collaboration. Here is something to delve into in order to discover the insanity of man as soon as it comes when issues are related to the supposed Holy Bible.



How does Anatoly Onoprienko compare with Serial Killer and Mass Murder, Jewish Sonderkommando Filip Muller?

A comparison makes Anatoly Onoprienko, the Beast of Ukraine, The Terminator, Citizen O, mere child play stuff.

According to Exterminationism, HEC, the Holocaust Extortion Cult, Filip Muller, is to have executed and aided in the killing of over 4 million inside Crematory 1, the Holy Shrine, at Auschwitz.

That makes Filip Muller, by large the greatest Serial Killer and Mass Murder ever.

Filip Muller was secretly moved from Communist DDR to West Germany to Mannheim where he lived in luxury with a huge pension he got from Germany’s corrupt politicians. All secretly done and under the protection of West German police and law.

The Holy Bible tells of God Jehovah commanding Jews to Gang Rape 32.000 virgins, mostly babies, and then to kill them, (Numbers 31:35). Jesus Christ never once spoke against it.

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