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Whole America in FEAR of a Stalin fake DOOR and the Constitution didn’t help

Language: English, MP3, Time: 1.27 Minute

Whole America in FEAR of a fake Stalin Corpse Door and the Constitution didn’t help, and still doesn’t help.

None dare go against Stalin and say: ”You built this” in contradistinction to Obama’s ”You didn’t build this”!

Stalin said that all Capitalism goes through this door and to their death. Stalin claimed more than 4 million anti-Capitalist Martyrs went through the Gallows Door and once inside the Gas Chamber, the Jewish Sonderkommando, who lead them in there and in charge of the whole mass killing operation, finished them off. More than four million of them!

Until today, no American has ever had the guts to say: ”Stalin you are lying! Stop your Disney World operation and Hollywood stage art gimmicks and let’s get to work and find out what you found in the Auschwitz Relief camp on January 27, 1944”.

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