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The Bull and the Hoax of Peace Prize Drone Killer Obama’s enemies

Language: English, MP3, Time: 3.30 Minutes


The USA, American, Alternative Media claims Obama has three enemies. They are: 1. Gun Owner. 2. Veterans. 3. Tea Party

This is all bull and a triple hoax. Germany is the test case, America’s foremost puppet.

: Germany rewards 5 years jail sentence if you do not say that all the Doors are authentic at the Auschwitz Vomitorium; when in fact they were put up by Stalin and his Four Million Martyrs Doctrine. The two doors are total hoaxes!

Germany has nothing against you owning a gun if you are old enough. Nor are they against the Veterans whom they all thank for having spared Germany going Communist. In fact, even if a Veteran was claimed to have done hundreds of War Crimes, he would not only be welcomed, but honored by Germany’s corrupt politicians. And they just love the Genocide Ethnic Cleansing, Serial Killer, Jewish Sonderkommando. In fact, self-proclaimed Serial Killer, Filip Muller, who supposedly arranged for 4 million Martyrs to die at the Auschwitz ”gas chamber” was even invited to West Germany to live, receiving free a luxurious home, huge pensions, and bundles of benefits.

Nor for the Tea Party which consists mostly of scatterbrained individuals who are more of a danger to themselves than others.

HISTORICAL AND EMPIRICAL NONSENSE: So take note when the Alternative Media peddle this rubbish to twist your mind and take your attention away from reality by bringing you into a Pie In The Sky World.

If you were to say in Europe that Stalin did not see these two fake doors at Auschwitz Relief Camp as he ”liberated” the Camp by putting in his own, then in Germany you get 5 years jail. In Sweden 2 years jail.

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