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David Irving gives talk in Austria in German

Language: German, MP3, 44 MB, Time: 48.06 Minutes

Somehow this David Irving talk spoken in German landed in our hands. Date can not be confirmed but a note says it was delivered in Austria, Wien, November 6, 1989. The discourse gives a different location in Austria. Make note that David Irving falls into the Exterminationist trap by using Newspeak terms the Holocaust Extortion Cult use for their propaganda. Irving was completely ignorant of that Ditlieb Felderer had invented such terms as Holocaust Denier / Denial in describing the denial of the Auschwitz Swimming Pool, the denial that Jews frequently were Nazi Collaborators such as Jewish Sonderkommando, Filip Muller. The denial of the Greek word Holocaust has, and has nothing to do with extermination of Jews or anyone else. The denial that Exterminationism is nothing but a Stalin Cult used to hide Katyn Massacres. The denial that such men as Polish Kazimierz Smolen, Tadeusz Szymanski, and others were former Nazi collaborators and Kapos. And so much more. Irving then turned around, suing Deborah Lipstadt, stating he was not a ”Holocaust Denier”, instead of charging Lipstadt with that and ask her why she used a term Ditlieb Felderer had used in various ways to expose the Holocaust Commercial Cult, Caustology, also called Stalin Martyrology. Irving of course lost the court case putting himself in a dilemma where it was shown he had never visited Auschwitz Vomitorium, which of course none of his opponents had either in doing research. Robert Faurisson had given dire warnings of such a venture. Not even Jean-Claude Pressac had done so, isolated inside his Bordell cell at Auschwitz. The obvious Dictatorship Austria, later put David Irving in jail. Libel suits of any kind do not belong in the works of Freedom and aims in Authoritarian acts contrary to the philosophy of: Conquer yourself rather than the world.
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