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American Historical Association (AHA) being investigated

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On 23 December 2005 research by South Korean cloning expert Hwang Woo-suk was declared to be ”fabricated”. This came as a shock to the world; that a world respected man of science and his group turned out to be con men. Could the American Historical Association (AHA) be likewise? They give full support to Extermination Cult, the Holocaust Extortion Cult. Claim that it is established fact and non debatable. A world can not let be but now ask numerous questions. The Auschwitz Vomitorium has now altered its former 60 year sure position: the Stalin Four Million Martyrs could not have entered through the Gallows door as there was only a concrete wall there at that time. But seeing the Holocaust Extortion Cult is Gospel Truth they must have entered some other way. We suggest possible solution to this historical dilemma. Seeing AHA has gone along with Stalin’s claims, these may be the only places of entry still left. Which one does AHA support? For Historiography go to: For Auschwitz Swimming Pool see: For general facts see: Ditlieb Encyclopedia.
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